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High speed ​​sheet shutter

By adopting our proprietary technology to wind up the sheet shutter from the bottom, the load on the motor will be drastically reduced. It increases motor life and reduces maintenance frequency and contributes to energy saving by suppressing the load on the motor. It eliminates the influx of air, exerts high effect on insecticide, is dust-proof, provides bird protection, and improves the hygiene of the environment.

    SHEET IS ROLLED UP​ - Low Maintenance, Short Time Revcovery.


    The working environment will be improved dramatically with the next generation High Speed ​​Sheet Shutter "ROLLASKA"!

Insect trap

Attract insects efficiently with ultraviolet rays of about 365 nm (nanometers), captured reliably with ”MUSHIPON” insect paper with strong adhesion. There is no smell, smoke generation, insect bites scattering, chemicals are not used, safe and hygienic. You can also use it at various factories such as chemical factories in Thailand, painting factories, food factories, restaurants, hotels.
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