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High speed ​​sheet shutter


SHEET IS ROLLED UP​ - Low Maintenance, Short Time Revcovery.

Contributing to energy saving is the process of rolling up the seat shutter from below, significantly reducing the load on the motor. It increases motor life and reduces maintenance frequency. It also exerts a high positive effect on waterproof / insect-proof / dust-proofing. It also supports special sizes of 25 meters or more and can be used for various purposes.

Unique opening and closing method of winding up from the bottom
It is proprietary technology limited to our company in Japan. Rolling up the sheet shutter from below greatly reduces the load on the motor. It increases the life of the motor and reduces maintenance frequency. It also contributes to energy saving by suppressing the load on the motor. It is environmentally friendly and has gained popularity from many customers.

Various opening widths can be supported, even if it is 25 meter or more!
By the original method of winding up from the bottom, we implement a wide opening width which cannot be imitated by other manufacturers. The wider the opening width, the more distinctive the features of ROLLWAY. ROLLWAY is adopted also for the frontage of the hangars which stores the jumbo jet at the airport, and proves its superiority, which other companies cannot follow.

Durability not met and not surpassed by products of other companies
Improvement on the motor parts succeeded in maximizing the power load, and dramatically improved durability. In addition, it eliminates the weak point of the conventional zipper type and demonstrates high durability with a structure that prevents troubles and breakage, due to deterioration from age.

Improvement of environmental conservation
Since the curtain is not caught in the frame, the structure of the mechanism part of the drive is not easily influenced by dew condensation and water leakage due to rain. In addition, due to the pressure difference between indoor and outdoor, the curtain closely adheres to the opening frame, so airtightness is high, making it possible to keep the inside of the factory in a constant environment.

Industry-Leading Opening and Closing Speed
ROLLWAY realizes reduction of motor load; thus opening and closing speed is also top class in the industry. It greatly reduces work stress in the factory. Fast opening / closing speed minimizes inflow / outflow of air, improving cooling and heating effect by synergistic effect with insulation within the curtain, keeping the working environment warm in winter and cool in summer.

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