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High speed ​​sheet shutter


The working environment will be improved dramatically with the next generation High Speed ​​Sheet Shutter "ROLLASKA"!

A special mechanism is installed to block the airflow entering from the top, greatly reducing the entry of outside air. It is a High Speed ​​Sheet Shutter ideal for food processing and precision equipment factories where a high sanitation environment is required. Resolution of the sheet shutter by contact in the factory is solved by the automatic return mechanism. It is the next generation High Speed ​​Sheet Shutter which is also excellent in energy saving performance.

Ensure high airtightness
The special mechanism that blocks the airflow entering from the upper frame greatly reduces the entry of outside air. It is the best High Speed ​​Sheet Shutter for everyone in demanding places such as the food processing industry and precision equipment manufacturing industry, which require a special sanitary environment.

Automatic restoration mechanism
Resolution of the sheet caused by modifying the contact of the sheet shutter in the factory was solved by the automatic return mechanism. A cog made with a sturdy design rises while coming off the cog guide and prevents sheet breakage. It then automatically fills the cog guide again when the sheet ceases to rise or descend.

Outstanding energy saving performance
We realized energy conservation that cannot be imagined from the conventional weight shutter. Our long-time sheet shutter sales reflects our experience and know-how in ROLLASKA. The knowledge of experienced experts is applied to the motor part so that the maximum performance can be realized with a minimum load.

Improvement of environmental conservation
For customers who are dissatisfied with the airtightness of ROLLWAY, ROLLASKA is the optimum product pursuing high airtightness. By installing two ROLLASKA in the factory and interlocking, further improvements in environmental preservation can be realized.

Industry-leading opening and closing speeds
ROLLASKA realized a reduction of motor load; thus opening and closing speed is also top class in the industry. It greatly contributes to reducing work stress in the factory. A fast opening / closing speed minimizes inflow / outflow of air, improving cooling and heating affect by synergistic effect with insulation within the curtain, keeping the working environment warm in winter and cool in summer.

Excellent durability
Dramatically improved durability by further improving the motor part and maximizing the power load on the shutter. Moreover, it eliminates the weak point of the conventional zipper type, and demonstrates high durability by using a structure which prevents troubles and damage due to deterioration because of age.
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