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  • TECHNIFOR -Dot-pin marking system- Entry Model Series

Marking System (Marking Machines)

TECHNIFOR -Dot-pin marking system- Entry Model Series

Direct marking device that makes marking highly accurate and semi permanent.

TECHNIFOR brand by GRAVOTECH, which is credited in marking field around the world. Dot-pin system which directly marks on the surface of products, achieving legible and indelible marking. They have a desktop model which easily fits into a working space and portable model which is light and easy to operate. Various functions such as 2D code marking contribute to traceability improvement.

■Desktop Marking Device "IMPACT"

・High speed and High quality Marking is possible ・2D code marking system set as standard

・With the 3D stylus-option- it is possible to accurately mark on workpieces with high-low differences

・Touch panel, column and marker pens are packaged as standard. Quick installation.


■Portable Marking Device "XE320Cp"

・For large workpieces ・With micro-impact technology, it provides stress-free marking to the parts.

・Light and comfortable operation

・Corresponding to 2D code marking -Option-

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