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For better environment at factories (production sites)


Improve environment at factories and processing efficiency, using strong alkaline ion water

Stable generation of 30 liters per hour of strong alkaline ionized water with less impurities with pH 12.5 at 20 ℃. The unique generation system produces only strong alkaline ionized water at pH 12.5 or higher but it doesn't produce acid water. It provides deodorant, antibacterial effect and excellent detergency. It is more environmentally friendly than detergent and effective as a cleaning agent for processed workpieces and cooling water.
Cooling: Outstanding stable cooling and drastic reduction of maintenance cost due to rust prevention effect and scale-less by chiller water

Grinding: Greater extension of life span for abrasive wheel and diamond dresser and longer duration of life for grinding fluid

Cleaning: It exerts detergency without mixing detergent, but it exerts outstanding detergency when mixed with detergent

Cutting: The penetrability of coolant is supplemented by strong alkaline water to make it reach the cutting point. It drastically prolongs the life of tools and coolant due to antiseptic effect

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