For better environment at factories (production sites)


For better environment at factories (production sites)

Much of the oil mist generated from machines is a hazardous substance, polluting production sites and exposing operators to danger. Filtermist collects oil mist released into the air, returns it to liquid form and refluxes it to a machine. It helps maintain on-site hygiene, safety and energy savings. It is also easy to maintain because the structure is simple. It collects the oil mist generated from machines and the particles of the mist stuck on special characteristics drum pad attached on the surface of the ultra high speed rotating feather in the drum, gradually becoming lumps. It hits the inner wall of the drum by centrifugation, falls into the drain, and it reverts the oil as liquid to a machine. It has a simple structure. It is an ECO & SAFETY item because it can collect a lot of mist with a very efficient and relatively small motor. The structure is simple, so maintenance is easy. It also maintains performance at low maintenance cost.

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