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Tooling Tools


Trust and performance of Swiss-made, PCM's tooling (compound processing) system

The live tool for compound processing focused on Swiss style CNC lathe has provided support for multiple models. PCM products have a good reputation in highly precise composite processing and process & cycle time reduction. Bearings and sealing are powerful so that its structure is very resistant to breakage. It is used in various processing sites such as a triple speed machining, a multi-axis machining, an angle machining, and a hobbing.
■ The features of PCM Tooling System

・ Various processing are possible with an abundant lineup
・ The stable rotary tools without vibrations extend the life of cutting tools
・ It is suitable for a pursuit of accuracy, an angle machining and a multi-axis machining
・ It contributes to shortening of processing time
・ In particular, the variety of rotary tools for Citizen's CNC lathes has a rich line up, its track record of adoption in the world is profuse

■ Product lineup (excerpted)
(Tool holder for CITIZEN CINCOM A20)

・Face drill/mill tools: BSE-207, BSE-1007, BSE-2007, BSE3107, BSE-3206, MSC-507-L, MSC-507-Ⅱ, MSC-513
・Cross drill/mill tools: MSE-1007, BSC-210, GSC-1110
・Accelerated tools: GSC-1110-4X, BSC-510-3X-L, BSE-2007-2X, GSE-3507-3X
・Adjustable tools: BSA-107
・Slitting saw tools: GSS-1530
・Polygon tools: BSP-509, BSP-512
・Whirling tools: BSW-215
・Special tools: GDF-1207-L, GSC1310-HP, GSC-1110-F

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