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  • About 100 years of trust and achievements! YAMATO SCALE, a specialized manufacturer of scales

About 100 years of trust and achievements! YAMATO SCALE, a specialized manufacturer of scales

Managing Director
A "Scale" manufacturer with a 100 years history, that supports factory work with their tremendous product group.
The parent company of "Yamato Scale (Thailand),” "Daiwa Balance" was established in 1920.
Since then, we have specialized in the manufacturer of "scales", workin on the development, manufacturing and sales of scales. In the manufacturing industry, a "Scale" = Weighing equipment relating with the production process from raw material procurement, production and shipping, and it is one of the most indispensable tools.With the experience we have cultivated since our founding, hoping to have a business opportunity overseas, our company has created a backdrop of high quality products, and we have been expanding our overseas businesses since the 1980s. We have established business bases in China, India, and Europian countries. Two years ago in 2015, we established a local subsidiary in Thailand. In recent years, although the economy became sluggish around the world, the food industry has achieved a solid growth, and Thailand is an attractive country with the largest market size of the food industry in Southeast Asia. Thailand is also an important hub for the so-called Mekong economic bloc, including Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia. We were thinking of strengthening oursales force in Asia, and we have finally decided that this is the only place to join in.

Originally, the scale division of Kawanishi Machinery Mfg. was the root of the parent company "Kawanishi Machine Works". It was one of Kawanishi financial clique’s members who was manufacturing Navy fighters (the Zero fighter). Hence, the foundation of our technology is aviation technology. So our products are robust, durable and can be used long-term. In addition, the rich lineup is also our strength, and we have realized the proposal of high-quality, precision weighing equipment. In particular, the most high demand in the Thailand food industrial field is "Multihead scale (combination weighing machine)." At enterprises in Thailand, there are many weighing lines by manual works, but automation is progressing at a very slow and gradual pace. In Thailand, personnel expenses soared recently and the turnover rate is high. In order to establish stable production, we think that labor saving and automation by installing facilities is a top proposition.

In addition to combination weighing machines, we have a wide range of "weighing" tools, from industrial weighing equipment to platform scales, from large to small ones. But that's not our only strength. While striving to enhance the hardware aspect, our top policy is always to strive to consult "seriously face customer requests". A proposal that meets the needs of customers, such as cutting labor costs, reducing loss rates, and improving productivity are natural.From that point furthermore, we feel strongly that it is important to think from the standpoint of the customer of a real solution that suits each factory. Of course, we have prepared a system of thorough aftercare from the immediate correspondence of the trouble to the patrol services. In June 2016, we moved our office from Asok to Bangna. The new office has a showroom where we can perform demonstrations and test runs in front of our customers. It is a boon for the customer to be able to actually see our products and its functions before the introduction into factory. We have received many requests from customers that want to try it in their own factory.

We will continue to excite the industry in Thailand in various industrial fields with metrological needs. In addition, we hope that we can participate as a part of the economic growth of ASEAN countries with our "scale" technology.

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