Multihead scale
Dataweigh Alpha Advance series

Best selling of entry model Multihead scale, it realizes high speed and high precision weighing.

While inheriting the simple design and easy operation of α-plus, it is now possible to measure high-speed and high precision weighing. Up to 75 weighing/min with 10 unit-model and up to 140 weighing/min with 14 unit-model have realized high-speed operation. The hopper and the straight trough can easily attach/detach without a tool, and the efficiency of the maintenance and the cleaning work is improved.
■ Productivity improvement
・High natural frequency load cell reduces frequency stabilizing time and achieves high-speed weighing.
・Due to the advancement of YAMATO SCALE's unique AFC system (Automatic Feed Control), it realized optimized product feed, and it realizes higher factory-operating ratio.
・The vibration characteristics of the feeder are improved and are ideal for products that care about sticking or breaking.
■ Improved operability
・10.4 inch color LCD touch panel
・Iconized function display enables easy operation.
・Available to register up to 300 programs.
・Mix weighing is also available. (ADW-A-0320S)
・USB memory port
■Safe and secure design
Adopted corner radius and springless hopper
・Large corner radius enables quick and easy cleaning and reduces downtime.
■ Easy maintenance
・Hopper and straight trough can be easily attach/detach without a tool.
・The load cell structure withstands the overload of 150kg, and the rigid hopper improves the efficiency of maintenance and cleaning works.
■ Remote operation and data acquisition through network
Network connection function (option)
・Remote PC control via LAN
・Data acquisition by USB, Ethernet and RS232C.

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