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  • Semiautomatic Table-top DataweighTM TSDW-205W

Multihead scale

Semiautomatic Table-top DataweighTM TSDW-205W

A combination weighing machine suitable for the quantitative stuffing work of meat, crops, vegetables and noodles.

Manual work surely causes weighing losses. With the use of TSDW-205W and TSDW-206W, such problems can be solved and increase the production of quantitative packs with the same raw materials as before. We promise to improve productivity and reduce the weighing loss at food processing plants in Thailand. In addition, it is a combination weighing machine that hasimproved washing performance.

● Increase productivity
Weighing speeds of up to 35 packs / minute are realized, and can be easily linked with the packaging machine.
※ The work capacity is subject to change depending on the measuring object and the conveyor discharge speed.

● Reduction of measurement loss
The unit selects the best combination that is closest to the target weight (standard weight) and automatically discharges it. Manual work surely causes weighing loss. Use of TSDW can increase the production of the quantitative pack with the same raw materials as before.

● Elimination of quantity shortage (defective product)
It can prevent a quantity shortage that occurs by manual work.

● Minimize product damage
Belt conveyance method is adopted for the discharge, it is available to handle the fragile product (pickled plum, dried fruit, rice crackers, etc.). In addition, it is possible to transfer the material which is difficult by the Hopper method such as a sticky thing and bulky thing.

● Improved cleaning performance
Weighing, travel conveyor and conveyor belts are attachable/detachable and available for easy cleaning and sterilization. Also,TSDW-205W is available to wash whole unit.

● Compact design
Compact equipment size with equipped with casters make it easy to rearrange.

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