Multihead scale

TSDW-205WSG with shutter gate

The combination weighing machine of the shutter gate spec ideal for the quantitative stuffing work such as the cutting-vegetables and the bulk items.

The Tabletop Data Way TM (TSDW) with an automatic discharge mechanism can measure quickly and accurately perishable and fragile products in a quantitative pack-packed operation. However, there were problems such as difficult to supply into the measurement unit and supply mistakes due to the characteristics and shape of the product. The shutter gate specification solves such problems.

● Ideal for fine and delicate products
Ideal for cutting-vegetables, bulk items, meat (such as ribs), sweets (pelleted cracker, etc.) that are easily spilled from the weighing unit and are difficult to put into the weighing unit in a conventional system.

●Improved loss of packing time
Achieved weighing speed up to 25 packs/minute. Setting the shutter gate, it eliminates the need to think about when to put in the product, and the speed of the work has greatly improved.

● Simple work only, no skill required
The operator needs to simply feed the goods into the gate.

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