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Auto Checker (automatic weight sorter) Checkweigher

Checkweigher I series

Improve production line speed with highest performance in industry.

Achieved 50% improvement in both weighing speed and metering accuracy. (compared to our conventional unit: weighing speed 480ppm, measurement accuracy ± 0.15 g). Provides outstanding operability with optimum control by automatic adjustment function. Unit body complies with IP67, and allows washing of the whole unit. Compliant with IP69K (optional) and easy to clean. Achieves high food hygiene and easy maintenance.

■ Weighing speed 480ppm, weighing accuracy ± 0.15g
Adoption of the new digital load cell realized reduction of oscillation stabilization time, is fast and achieves high-precision weighing.

■ High food hygiene
It complies with IP67, and allows the whole unit to be washed. It contributes to the food hygiene maintenance of the manufacturing facility which is the important subject to the customer.
All stainless steel and open frame design improves the cleaning properties.

■ Excellent operability
Automatic adjustment feature allows anyone to set initial conditions in a simple way and in short-time.
Ordinal operation screen can be moved within 3 steps, and it greatly reduces the screen operation time.

■ Easy Maintenance
Displays the timing of the replacement of consumables and the timing of maintenance inspections on the screen, preventing malfunctions and contributes for minimizing downtime.
Reduce downtime by displaying the recovery method on the screen as well as where the error occurred.
By the unitizied parts, it achieved shorter maintenance and repair work.

■ Excellent environmental performance
The power consumption was reduced by 30%. (in ratio to conventional machines) Contributed to reduce the environmental load by reducing the number of parts. (10% reduction compared to conventional machines)

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