Digital Platform Scale

DP-5600 series

Multi-function Digital scale DP-5600 series for a wide range of applications

Next generation type platform scale that incorporates new functions that are beyond thecommon sense of conventional weighing machines. Waterproof and dustproof performance satisfies IP66 standards. A new indicator with a backlight full-dot LCD enhances the quantitative and control functions suitable for filling and blending operations. A multi-function digital platform scale available for all systems.

● Missing quantity display function (DP-5602/DP-5602D)
The adoption of back-light full-dot LCD enabled the display of both alphanumeric characters and analog bars. In addition, as a function of suitable for quantitative weighing unit, "how many pieces to reach the appropriate amount" and remaining work volume are shown. By prevention of weighing mistakes and reducing the worker burden will lead to increase work efficiency.

●Check function (DP-5602/DP-5602D)
"Light weight", "appropriate amount", "overdose" are indicated by LED lamps of three colors (red, blue, yellow) during inspection work and fixed quantity filling work, and excess or deficiency can be visually distinguished. It will drastically improve the work efficiency.

● Rank sorting function (DP-5602/DP-5602D)
Two weight-ranking methods "addition formula" and "subtraction formula" are provided. By using it according to goods, accurate and speedy sorting work can be realized. Audio output is also available as an option.

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