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  • 【Thailand・Japanese style safety training】 Held “Children’s traffic safety class” in 10 elementary schools in Bangkok

【Thailand・Japanese style safety training】 Held “Children’s traffic safety class” in 10 elementary schools in Bangkok

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This time we will talk about the “Children’s traffic safety class”, which is a social contribution activity of the Thai Yazaki Network Service (Hereinafter referred to as Thai Yazaki). Our company is expanding the business aiming to “protect children from traffic accidents” and “contribute to the local community”. While we are doing various social contribution activities, we knew that there is no education system for traffic safety in Thai schools. Therefore, we suggested that the Thai government provide Japanese style traffic safety education for children. They agreed with it and want us to proceed with its implementation, so we started this project.

Protect children from traffic accidents with Japanese style traffic safety classes spreading all over Thailand.

Upon starting the “Children’s traffic safety class”, we chose 10 schools in Bangkok as model schools (860 participants) with the cooperation of the Office of the Basic Education Commission (OBEC) and the classes wereheld over the period of 8 -24 July 2019.

With the cooperation of Thai Yamato Transport, an education curriculum was created focusing on providing real experiences to children based on the contents of traffic safety education in Japan and reflecting traffic conditions in Thailand. We hold a safety class where the children can watch, touch and feel the topics about traffic safety, such as “how to get on and off the vehicle safely”, “the experience of scenery and blind spots from the driver’s seat by riding on a pickup and delivery vehicle” and “how to cross the crosswalk safely”, using the pickup and delivery vehicle of Yamato Transport.

This attempt is developing into the structure that schools all over the country can use to hold the same class autonomously from 10 model schools held under the leadership of the Thai government at this time. It will be expanded to 75 schools in Bangkok and 30,000 schools throughout Thailand. We hope that the safety class will be a chance to protect children throughout Thailand from traffic accidents.

Experiencing scenery and blind spots from the driver’s seat using the pickup and delivery vehicle of Thai Yamato Transport

Lead to the improvement of traffic safety awareness by watching, touching and feeling

The implementation outline of “The 1st children’s traffic safety class”

On 8 July, the traffic safety class was held at “Phayathai School”, an elementary school in Bangkok, which is the first school for the project. On that day, many guests including Mr. Prajin, a former deputy prime minister, attended the class, and we provided the education to the children with an opening ceremony under the joint management of 4 companies, including Thai Yamato Transport Co., Ltd., SCG Yamato Express Co., Ltd. and SANSHIRO ACADEMY. This initial effort was covered by many TV stations and reported on many news programs. It became a social contribution activity to lead to the improvement of traffic safety awareness in Thailand.

Guests in opening ceremony on 8 July (From the left)
Mr. Ronnakorn Riamsri (Managing Director of SCG Yamato Express)
Mr. Somsak Techakasem (Director of Panya Waraphinyo Foundation)
※The foundation that supports education and welfare of students and teachers in Phayathai school
Mr. Surasak Insrikrai (Director of the Thailand Board of Education, General Affairs Bureau)
Mr. Prajin Jantong (Former deputy prime minister、 Current senator)
Mr. Arthakarn Trissanarungsee (Managing Director of SANSHIRO ACADEMY)
Ms. Rattana Trissanarungsee (Vice President of SANSHIRO ACADEMY)
Mr. Takayuki Ichikawa (Managing Director of Thai Yazaki Network Service)
Mr. Kunihiko Tsukigata (Managing Director of Thai Yamato Transport)

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【Social contribution】 Cooperate with the Thai ministry and large companies! This social contribution activity utilized the products of the Thai Yazaki Network Service.

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