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  • Supporting the transportation business in Thailand with RFID and telematics technology. Started truck transport quality analysis service!

Supporting the transportation business in Thailand with RFID and telematics technology. Started truck transport quality analysis service!

Masatoshi Nozue
Sales advisor

In Thailand, tendency for shippers to demand high quality trucking services is increasing. For example, data is required, which can be used to know the risk of damage to cargo when traveling along new transport routes and to provide shippers with quantitative information on the actual quality status.

Although purchasing and installing in-vehicle sensors and a real-time tracking system for data collection can "visualize" transport quality, on the other hand, that also burdens capital investment and communication costs. Therefore, Yazaki has come up with a service that can collect and analyze transportation quality data only when necessary, such as during test driving. Without major capital investment, it can "visualize" the transportation status in the target section and time. That is the “truck transportation quality analysis service” introduced here.

"Visualize" quality and risk during truck transportation with active RFID sensors

On top of checking the condition of the vehicle during transportation, collecting information on the vibration and temperature of the cargo using a dedicated "active RFID sensor" is possible. RFID sensor is a sensor with a wireless communication system. Various data during operation can be collected by installing this sensor on trucks and other transportation vehicles. The data recorded by the sensor for a certain period of time are collected and analyzed by us. Transportation companies can use the results of this analysis for quality control and visualizing risks in their own transportation, and further utilize as reference data on transportation status for shippers.

▲ Specialized box containing active RFID sensor

▲ An analysis report in a fixed format. It can be customized according to requirements

Service flow


⓵Data collection and report creation package
・Installation and removal of data collection equipment (designated area, same place)
・Collection of driving data within 24 hours
・Create reports in fixed format

※ Information on route, transport time, shock and temperature inside the cargo bed, and safe driving score will be the base for creating report. ※ We will give the detail of the price.

②Customization of analysis data
・ Depending on data required, data collection period, and image on report to be created, separate estimation will be provided.

For information on the trucking quality analysis service of Thai Yazaki, please use the form below or contact us.

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