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  • Supporting driver training for a food transportation company in Thailand with the telematics technology of Thai Yazaki!

Supporting driver training for a food transportation company in Thailand with the telematics technology of Thai Yazaki!

Masatoshi Nozue
Sales consultant

Yusen Food Supply Chain (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (hereafter YFSC), a Thai subsidiary of Yusen Logistics (YLK), handles food transportation and delivery in Thailand.

On September 13 and 20, 2020, all drivers involved in the company's transportation and delivery operations were called together at YFSC and in-house training was held at the distribution center in Pathum Thani.

In addition to Isuzu, the truck manufacturer, and Bridgestone, the tire manufacturer, we (Thai Yazaki Network Service), having a track record of telematics, tachographs, and IoT-based operation management systems, had also been invited to participate in the training as lecturers.

▲ Thai Yazaki staff giving a lecture on the law of attaching GPS to vehicles in front of 50 drivers (100 person in 2 days)

▲ Thai Yazaki Staff giving training on the operation management system using GPS in front of 50 drivers (100 person in 2 days)

Driving skill guidance for Thai drivers based on actual numeric data

【Purpose of training】
Aim to improve safety and quality in day-to-day operation of YFSC drivers by continuously providing training on Thai traffic regulations (especially with regards to transportation), vehicle maintenance, and safe driving methods.

We were in charge of (1) the law to attach GPS to vehicles and (2) how to use the GPS-based operation management system iQsan and how to analyze the data.

As everyone in the industry may know, Thailand has been making it mandatory to install GPS devices on transportation vehicles since 2016. In addition, the Department of Land Transport of Thailand stipulates in detail the requirements of GPS devices such as the type and accuracy of acquired information; thus, it is necessary for each driver to know the traffic regulations imposed on the transportation vehicle. Learning safe and eco-friendly driving methods will not only help reduce the risk of accidents, but also protect your own safety and reduce the risks to the company.

▲ Legal speed limit / No. 4 is the legal speed limit for buses and trucks, and No. 5 is for a tow truck. From the left, speed limits for inside the city, suburbs, and highways

▲Items and details of traffic violations, and fines for each, etc.

With YFSC being a Japanese affiliated company, it has excellent drivers in Thailand. Analyzing the data of each driver using iQsan reveals the driving habits and problems of each driver along with specific numerical values. Looking at the detailed data recorded every second, for example, the driving condition of a rough driver who repeatedly starts and brakes suddenly becomes clear.

Since a rapid start consumes more gasoline, it can be expected to save fuel costs as a whole by teaching correct driving skills. It is also possible to reduce the consumption of car parts such as brake pads and clutch plates. In addition, you can see at a glance how many rests you took in a single run. If you do not take a break of 30 minutes or more for every 4 hours of driving, it is a violation of the law, but Thai people tend not to take a break even when they drive for a long time, which increases the risk of accidents due to overwork as well as compliance violations. You can see how important it is to educate Thai drivers.

【Voice of Participants】

(YFSC driver) 

"Through this training, I was able to understand the GPS system of Thai Yazaki. I think that by making effective use of the device, we can improve safety while driving."

We will continue to analyze the data collected from vehicles and provide support using the information obtained from it.

Cooperation: Yusen Food Supply Chain (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

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