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  • 【Do you know a cargo and vehicle request service?】 Yazaki Group has established a new joint corporation in Thailand.

【Do you know a cargo and vehicle request service?】 Yazaki Group has established a new joint corporation in Thailand.

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Yazaki Group will establish a joint corporation “Toramove” providing cargo and vehicle request service “Tr@Box” in Thailand with Trabox Co., Ltd., which is the largest cargo and vehicle request service company in Japan, and DTC Enterprise Group, which is the largest company of telematics business for commercial vehicles in Thailand.Upon starting the service, Yazaki Group held a press conference at BITEC on 25 October.

※ The cargo and vehicle request service is a matching service between cargo owners who want the cargo transported and transport companies who want to transport the cargo, using internet and GPS.

【Picture:State of press conference】

Provide an integrated platform for commercial vehicles including cargo and vehicle request services!

So far, we have expanded the telematics service for commercial vehicles “iQsan”, using connected technology in Thailand and have contributed to the improved driving skill of the drivers, preventing traffic accidents, reducing cost and aiding the environment by seeing an improvement of fuel efficiency and improving the quality of cargo transport.

It is said that Thai logistics have a low operation rate and are inefficient. This is because demand and supply of cargo owners and transport companies did not match. It often happens that the trucks loaded full of cargo came back with an empty deck. The Thai government is considering that this is a big problem, including operation rate and also an influence on traffic jams.

In order to approach this problem, in the consultation with DTC company who is our partner, they agreed to establish the Trabox company, which is expanding cargo and vehicle request services widely in Japan. We decided to firstly expand the Trabox service in Thailand. By providing this service, we think that we would like to help with “safety”, “energy savings”, “the environment” and “efficiency” of logistic companies that we have been expanding into so far, and also provide the place to create new business opportunities.

As a 2nd step after this, we are preparing a value added service for used vehicle and cargo data accumulating every day. The purpose is to match more accurately and easily by analyzing and utilizing real-time data and historical data obtained from the telematics service of DTC and Yazaki. And we are considering adopting the structure that transport companies with good management of transport quality will be easily chosen by utilizing safety driving scores obtained from the current iQsan of Yazaki and the GPS data of DTC as a rating element of the companies who joined Trabox.

By adopting these new elements one by one, we will provide a value added connected service as a platform for commercial vehicles which can manage the safety of commercial vehicle, improvement of fuel efficiency, improvement of transport quality and improvement of load factor comprehensively.

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