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  • 【Contribution to society】Cooperate with the Thai ministry and large companies! Social contribution activity utilizing products of the Thai Yazaki Network Service.

【Contribution to society】Cooperate with the Thai ministry and large companies! Social contribution activity utilizing products of the Thai Yazaki Network Service.

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This article will tell you about the social contribution activity in Thailand of the Thai Yazaki Network Service (hereinafter referred to Thai Yazaki).
Thai Yazaki has expanded telematics service for commercial vehicle “iQsan” using connected technology and contributed to improving the driving skill of the drivers, improving transport quality of the cargo and reduced cost by improving fuel efficiency.

Utilize Thai Yazaki’s products to social contribution.

According to the investigation of the WHO, the number of deaths by traffic accidents in Thailand is 36.2 people per 100,000 people (2015 data), which is the 2nd largest number in the world. And the problems with traffic are getting more and more serious.
In such a situation, Thai Yazaki made a proposal to the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security in Thailand to utilize our product “iQsan” for the improvement in preventing traffic accidents and traffic jams in Thailand and the proposal was adopted.
Our proposal will be conducted in the “E6 Project” set up in the ministry. This project has an aim to improve the safety and environment of Thai society.
Then we cooperated with the ministry and logistic departments of large Thai companies (CP Group, PT, Thai Beverage, etc.) and conducted demonstration tests using 50 “iQsan” for 3 months from March 2018.

Caption: The state of the E6 project and the companies who cooperated on the demonstration tests.

The details of the tests are as follows;
① Set up 50 “iQsan” in total on transport vehicles of each company
② Measured driving conditions of each vehicle and driver quantitatively
③ Trained the drivers based on the measuring result
④ Sent an alarm from “iQsan” to the bad drivers while they are driving
⑤ Measured the degree of improvement for driving and fuel efficiency after a fixed time.
⑥ Measured the effectiveness by comparing driving conditions before and after the test with a 5 grade evaluation (A~E)

※Upon conducting the test, we got cooperation from our sales agent “WCS SANSHIRO”.

As a result of the demonstration tests, fuel efficiency was improved by more than 6% and the number of sudden starts and sudden brakes was reduced by more than 90%.

After analyzing the test data for 3 months, the drivers ranked D & E who got a bad rating were gone and the number of sudden starts and sudden braking was reduced by more than 90%, and the rotation speed of the engine was also reduced by more than 80%, which results in a significant improvement in driving skill and also an improvement in fuel efficiency of more than 6%.

Keep contributing to Thai society with our products and service in the future

We continue talking with the ministry after the success of these demonstration tests.
Thai Yazaki will keep contributing to Thai society widely, making use of our strength in the future.

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