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  • [Cost deduction in Thailand]  Trial to maximize the effects of the operation control unit to the Thai drivers

[Cost deduction in Thailand]  Trial to maximize the effects of the operation control unit to the Thai drivers

Sales manager

Our operation control unit iQsan (the operation control unit combining the digital tachograph and the telematics) realized good results by increasing drivers’ performance, not only reducing the incidences of sudden acceleration, sudden braking but also reducing fuel consumption during operation. This was all realized throughout an introduction test held with the Thai government and the distribution department of each major company in Thailand for 3 months beginning from March 2018.
However these effects do not always appear even when it is mounted in the vehicles. For example, since the digital tachograph is similar to the weighing meter, which is a simple tool to monitor the figures, it will be important to know what should be done in order to achieve the best results. This time, the effort made by our agent Hosoya International, who provides the services centering on their unique safe and eco-driving instructions, is introduced for your reading.

Improvement of driving technique and drastic expenses reduction have been achieved by combining driving instructions with an understanding of the driving behavior of Thai people.

Hosoya International has been spreading the sales and services as an agency of iQsan in Thailand from 2008. Mr.Fumio Hosoya, the representative, has learned the technique of assembly and maintenance at our agent in Japan, and has in-depth knowledge and understanding of our products.

Mr.Hosoya had never instructed clients of the safe driving techniques at the beginning when the company was established; however, Mr.Hosoya’s own hard experiences triggered the start of instructions.
One day when a client complained that “the system was introduced but not effective”. There are almost no operations controller in Thailand, which is required by law in Japan.
Then, Mr.Hosoya conceived of the idea to give instructions on how to press the accelerator or the appropriate timing of shifting gears by riding with a driver in the car.

The synergy effect of the operation control system of Yazaki and Hosoya’s supporting methods has been exerted steadily, as the example of a success in reducing the costs by more than 20% appeared as the results of suggestion to the clients to establish a system to improve the motivation of the drivers for safe and efficient driving, in addition to watching the technical improvement of drivers.

Mr.Hosoya (center) and his staff

Focus on more safe and lean driving guidance

Hosoya International takes pride in giving significant merits for the reduction of traffic accidents in Thailand and to the companies introduced to our system. However, we are never satisfied with the current situation.

We are now introducing the slides and animated movies for giving easy instructions to the drivers, along with safety training materials using 3D, mini tests, and concentrating on participatory training in order to predict the danger and taking the driving initiative.
Furthermore, the maintenance costs for vehicles are visualized, and the new system supporting the reduction has been developed and applied to the market little by little.

Mr.Hosoya instructing the concepts of safe driving to the Thai drivers

Mr.Hoshoya’s final target is “Improvement of the conscious mind for the safe driving of drivers in Thailand, where the death ratio by traffic accident is always among the highest in the world, and close the number of accidents and the death by traffic accidents to zero. In order to realize these lofty goals, we cannot neglect the effort as a company in the present and attempt to improve the traffic conditions in Thailand.” Yazaki is also going to do the best toward the same target.

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