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  • 【Improvement of environmental issues and operation control in Thailand】Any special restriction or improvement is not necessary! Immediate effects of hazardous substances reduction and fuel mileage reduction can be gained from “Eco-drive”.

【Improvement of environmental issues and operation control in Thailand】Any special restriction or improvement is not necessary! Immediate effects of hazardous substances reduction and fuel mileage reduction can be gained from “Eco-drive”.

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Worsening of air pollution caused by the hazardous substances exhausted from the cars, such as PM (Fine particle matter) 2.5, NOx (Nitrogen oxide), and CO2 (Carbon dioxide) is viewed with increasing aversion in Thailand, too. In Thailand, there is an increase in car ownership, with the issue of exhaust gas increasing alongside it, and inappropriate driving methods are also a significant concern. Thai Yazaki focuses on attempting to reduce the air pollution and to improve fuel mileage by applying the system for the control of car operating situations and creating an operating control system leading to the appropriate driving, not only the sales of these systems.

There is an increase in the number of vehicles and worsening of air pollution in Thailand year by year

Vehicles such as automobiles are essential not only for logistics, but also they are important as the means of transportation for the citizens in Thailand, where it cannot be said that the infrastructure has been well developed. Actually the number of personally owned cars is increasing year by year. Fox example, the number of cars increased by 1.5 times from 2005 to 2015.

This increase in the number of vehicles on the road affects the serious air pollution at the same time by the discharge of PM2.5, NOx and CO2. In Japan, measures to prevent and decrease air pollution from vehicles have already been taken; however it is true that it has fallen behind in Thailand. However, recently, the Thai government is emphasizing the improvement of air pollution which is a concern for the citizens.

“Thai Yazaki”’s actions for the improvement of air pollution in Thailand

As a practical solution by the government, they are now studying the total number control of cars, improvement of fuel quality and replacement of engines; however, it is projected to take long time to realize these goals. So we are proposing the eco-drive using the digital tachograph (so called “Digi-tacho”). Only by instructing drivers in individualized energy saving driving suitable for each driver based on the driving data collected by Digi-tacho can fuel consumption be saved, marking a significant improvement in reducing hazardous substances exhausted from the cars. The remarkable feature is that immediate results can be gained without modification of currently used vehicles.

■Verification of possibility for reduction of CO2 based on the eco-drive instructions by the digital tachograph.

Surprising effects by eco-driving

In an experiment concerning “Reduction of discharged air pollution substances by eco-drive” actually done by us, the amount of discharged CO2 was reduced by a maximum of 44% in gasoline cars, and 53% in diesel cars -- for this example the exhaust amount of non-eco-driving is assumed to be 100%. Furthermore in diesel cars, surprising reduction ratios of 53% in NOx and 91% in PM were realized.

■Three effects by Eco-drive

Results of Eco-drive are not limited to the above. In an experiment using the 25 diesel trucks held in Thailand, a result was shown that the fuel mileage per 1 liter of diesel was improved by 15% on average over a driving distance of 100km. Like this, with the changes of only driving methods based on the data from Digi-tacho, this significant reduction effect can be obtained.

■Reduction effect of CO2 and NOx in gasoline vehicles and diesel vehicles by the Eco-drive

Ref. 1 : “Recommendation of Eco-drive”, Environmental Restoration and Conservation Agency, 2011(Ref.1 refers the data of Ref.2)
Ref.2 : “Investigation Research concerning the Quantitative Understanding on Discharge Reduction Effect of Air Pollution Substances by the Eco-drive”, Suuri Keikaku, 2009.
• Gasoline vehicles are a minivan and compact cars (1.5L,2.5L,3.5L), for a total of 4 vehicles. All these conform to the new long term restrictions.
• Diesel vehicles are a van (2.5L, New short term restrictions), 4 small trucks (New long term restrictions) and a large truck (New long term”, for a total of 6 vehicles.
• Results of CHDY test result with Non-Eco-drive (trip segment of maximum acceleration) and Eco-drive (trip segment of minimum acceleration) . However it does not mean the reduction ratios in the above table include the data of all test cars.

Projects with Thai government will be continued

We have started the various efforts by cooperating with the Ministry of Energy and major companies since a few years ago. The first project was the accident prevention by the improvement of inadequate driving, and the second is the reduction of energy. We are planning to expand it to the environmental issues beginning now, and would like to suggest to the government our unique viewpoints.

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