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[System Building for Safety + Cost Reduction] Smart Drive Contest with iQsan

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‘iQsan’ by Thai Yazaki Network Service Measures Driving Quality of Daily Operation

Our driving control device named ‘iQsan’, a driving control device unit with a digital tachograph and telematics, detects and records not only driving duration, distance and speed but also quick starts, sudden braking, vibration and shock. The driving manager can remotely check the driving situation of all vehicles connected to his system.

[System Building for Safety + Cost Reduction] The Smart Drive Contest with iQsan in Thailand Took Place!!

‘Building up a system with iQsan as the core’ is important to achieve ‘Safety of drivers and pedestrians’, ‘Environmental solutions’, ‘Reduce Fuel consumption and others.’
The bottom line of system building is ‘how to make drivers motivated to improve enthusiastically. As an opportunity to remind iQsan user companies of the importance of system building, we, with Hino Motors Sales (Thailand) Ltd, hosted the ‘iQsan smart driving contest’.

The contest included 127 Drivers from 35 Different Companies to Compete with Driving Records for 2 Months

Even if we are saying ‘host’, it’s not an event that drivers get together at one place and show their techniques. We used detailed driving data which iQsan took and accumulated for the contest. First, 127 drivers were chosen based on conditions such as ‘monthly driving distance more than 3,000km’ and etcetera. Evaluation points were speed, acceleration and deceleration, engine rotation variation, idling time and others related to safely driving and eco-driving.
As a consequence, according to the total accumulated score, drivers were ranked, and the top 5 drivers were selected as superior drivers. The average score of all drivers was 91.62 out of 100.

Awards Superior Drivers

After the contest, we visited the companies of the 5 superior drivers and told them the results and awarded prizes to the drivers. Participating companies gave us messages such as “thanks to this event, drivers are motivated to drive safely and good effects came out of it,” and “we are looking forward to the event again”.

The 1st prize, Mr. CHAYAPHON, Dan Chang Petroleum Co., Ltd – score 99.35

The 2nd prize, Mr. MONTREE, Meechok Transport Co., Ltd

The 3rd prize, Mr. ARTTHAWEEKUL BOO, Poonphol Logistics Co., Ltd
*Award of merit was handed to the owner instead

The 4th prize, Mr. PONGSAK, TCH Transport Co., Ltd
*Award of merit was handed to the owner instead

The 5th prize, Mr. ROM, ACY Logistics Co., Ltd
*Award of merit was handed to the owner instead

Thank you to all cooperating companies.

Surprising Cost Decrease!! Many Little Savings Adds up to Big Savings!!

The fuel fee of trucks is not a little. For example, if a 10-wheel truck drives 10,000km in a month, as the fuel fee is 2.67km per liter, the fuel fee is about 110,000 baht for a month.
(Monthly driving distance 10,000km/Fuel 2.67km/L = Monthly fuel amount 3,745L x Fuel cost 29THB/L = Monthly fuel cost 108,605THB)
If using iQsan, changing drivers’ minds and driving habits and reducing fuel cost 5% (2.80km), fuel cost decreases by 5,430THB in a month, and 65,160THB in a year.
If they have 10 trucks, and fuel consumption decreases 5% for all, 650,000THB can be saved in a year.

Why Don’t You Begin Building a System of Safety & Cost Reduction With iQsan?

As written above, a ‘system’ is significant to achieve safe driving habits and cost reduction with iQsan. If you have problems with drivers’ safety and fuel costs, please feel free to contact us. We would love to offer the optimal solution with iQsan based on an analysis of your current situation.

For more details, please contact us below or message us through the contact form

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