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Tr@Box Cargo and Vehicle Request Service

Introduction of Tr@Box service

Rely on Tr@Box for both those who want cargo transported and those who want to transport cargo!

Tr@Box is a matching service to connect cargo owners who want cargo transported with transport companies who want to transport cargo, using the internet and GPS.

Tr@Box has mainly 2 types of service.

1. "One-shot service" of Tr@Box cargo and vehicle request

It is a convenient service to connect supply and demand between transport companies in case transport companies want to utilize a truck which will have a load for one leg of a round trip or look for a transport company who can transport urgent cargo.

<The advantages for the side who wants to transport>
 ・Search the cargo suitable for the delivery plan efficiently
 ・Increase the profit by improving loading efficiency

<The advantages for the side who wants to have cargo transported>
 ・Handle the sudden transportation item efficiently
 ・Search for the truck suitable for the conditions efficiently

2. "New quotation service" of Tr@Box cargo and vehicle request

It is the service to connect the companies who are looking for new transport companies or logistics companies and transport and logistics companies. The company sides can find various information from transportation to warehouses and distribution processing in Tr@Box, and the transport and logistics companies can find a new customer.

<The advantages for cargo owners>
 ・Select a logistics company suitable for the conditions from several proposals
 ・Handle fluctuating transport volume flexibly
 ・Maintain proper freight with the competitive quotes

<The advantages for logistics companies>
 ・Perform sales activities efficiently without taking extra man-hours
 ・Increase profit by improving loading efficiency
 ・Search for cargo suitable for the conditions efficiently

This is an article about Tr@Box

This is the introduction video for Tr@Box

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