Operation management equipment (system) iQsan

IQsan summary

From Thailand! Digital tachograph and telematics integrated operation management equipment.

iQsan is an operation control device that integrated GPS tracking and telematics, and it has obtained approval from the Land Transport Bureau of Thailand. Yazaki, Japan's leading instrumentation equipment manufacturer, gathers our experience, knowledge, and technology, and implements it in the changing logistics industry. We will contribute to the realization of safer and more efficient logistics.

Features of in-vehicle system
① Installed world's first training mode
② Installed preventive safety function that prevents accidents beforehand
③ Simple, easy-to-transmit display and sound
④ DUAL corresponding to cross-border logistics
SIM mechanism (scheduled deployment service)

Features of the backward system
① Accident reduction through safety management analysis by digital tachograph
② Grasp driving behavior and thoroughly reduce fuel consumption
③ Visualization for the appropriate maintenance time, to prevent and maintain it.
④ Operation management by real-time data

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