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Operation management equipment (system) iQsan

Introduction of functions for iQsan

We will introduce the function details of iQsan which was newly created in Thailand.

1. System Overview

iQsan is a collection of in-vehicle devices that are to be installed in vehicles and their data, and it is composed of a web application for viewing analysis results.


iQsan the vehicle-mounted device

Web application

iQsan can input not only GPS but also speed signal and engine rotation. Therefore, in addition to the real-time GPS tracking function, we can evaluate the driving quality of each driver in detail, and meet the needs of customers who want to reduce accidents and improve fuel economy.

The iQsan system supports Thai and English languages. In Thailand where the service is currently deployed, we will support the operation with an easy-to-understand display and voice for drivers and administrators.

2. Decrease accident risk

There are many important factors for reducing accidents, but first of all, it is to suppress speed. Speed exceeding criteria can be set for each company and for each vehicle, but if the speed is exceeded, the driver will be warned by voice. In addition, all detailed records remain on the web application.

※ Inform of excess speed by voice and indication.

※Graph the speed band.

※Record the information of the speed violation location.

It is also possible to set the Advanced Alarm function to issue a warning before the actual speed violation occurs. Let's take advantage of these functions and reduce the risk of serious accidents.

IQsan monitors and records speed every second. Through this detailed data analysis, you can perform sudden departure and sudden braking warning, recording, and analysis. Particular attention is required for sudden braking data with high accident risk.

※ Because it can acquire detailed data every one second, you can monitor the status of starting and stopping one by one.

Yazaki's training mode applying the tachograph technology for more than 55 years, IQsan advises the details of how to use the accelerator, constant speed driving, and braking and so on. It can be used to improve the driver's driving quality.

※ By starting training mode to ON, it starts its own detailed analysis.

※ It aggregates the training scores independently.

3. Practice of eco-driving

iQsan's onboard equipment always monitors the driver's driving.Based on the data on how to step on the accelerator and engine rotation, the degree of eco-driving is shown on the display.

※ The leaf mark indicates how much eco-driving the current driving is doing. Bad fuel economy driving will decrease leaf marks. When the engine rotation turns up due to excessive depression of the accelerator or inappropriate gear change, it will notify a driver.

Data on such eco-driving is all analyzed in the web application. The analysis using the scatter diagram is that it makes visualize so that you can see good driving and bad driving for fuel efficiency at a glance.

※ Visualize the speed and the status of engine rotation. It improves fuel economy by early shift change.

4. Daily data output

Safe and fuel efficient driving is possible because of a detailed analysis with various output forms. Accident risk is lurking in daily data. By extracting and managing these efficiently, it will lead to reducing actual accidents.

Vehicle Result which can be checked in daily operation with details every one minute. Output in Excel is also possible.

Individual evaluation of the driver is clearly calculated by the score. For the parts that need improvement, the analyzed results are output every day.

5. Notification function of danger zone

There are dangerous areas where many accidents occur in Thailand. iQsan has pre-registered danger zones publicly announced by the government and alerts when the vehicle approaches that area.

※ Registered the 110 danger zones where accidents frequently occur nationwide.

Also, data on 392 locations of kindergarten and elementary school districts in Bangkok city are registered. It will notify a driver when passing through that area during attending time or leaving time for schools.

※ Registered places of kindergarten / elementary school

※ When approaching the registered place during attending time or leaving time for school, iQsan will notify the driver.

6. Maintenance function

Using iQsan's travel distance data, it will inform you of the replacement cycle for each part. Support for planned maintenance is possible.

※ It will notify in red when the maintenance time approaches.

7. Fuel data

IQsan, which is standard installed in Hino Victor, has acquired fuel consumption amount from the vehicle ECU. You can see how much fuel you are using in regular driving and how much you could have improved at a glance.

※ Graphing the transition of fuel consumption

In addition, you can connect the fuel tank remaining amount data as an option. If there is an unnatural decrease in the remaining amount of fuel in the tank, it will notify you of that information in real time.

8. Temperature recording enables improvement of transportation quality

iQsan has a function to connect a temperature sensor as an option. Up to three sensors can be connected, and it monitors the temperature in real time during transportation, such as food transportation, where the temperature control inside the storage room is important. With regard to the acquired temperature data, we can keep it for 1 year on the server and use it as reference data when evidence is requested from the owner of goods.

※ Graphing the internal temperature history.
※ When abnormal temperatures occur, it will notify by popup.

※ Confirm the current internal temperature on iQsan screen.

※ Notify of abnormal temperatures

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