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With the new IoT telematics service, increase logistics efficiency and transport quality!

By combining with UPR Corporation's "SMART PALLET" and "iQsan", unified management of information on vehicles, drivers and luggage managed individually. With this, in addition to the information of the vehicle/driver acquired by iQsan, the information on the loaded cargo can be visualized in real time at the same time. It will do total management for things such as breakage of loaded cargo during transportation and temperature conditions.
Various information from the pallet obtained through the leader for smart pallets which is connected to the telematics onboard machine (iQsan onboard machine) and the tag attached to the cargo are collected and accumulated by the management server of the Yazaki data center by the 3G line. "iQsan Total Support Service" by collaboration between iQsan and Smart Palette is that you can visualize not only status information (position, speed etc) of vehicles, but as well as status information of ID, vibration, temperature, etc. of loaded cargo in real time.

What can be realized by this service
Traditionally, logistics business operators have individually managed safety (accident prevention), energy conservation (eco drive), cargo quality (temperature, vibration etc.), efficiency, labor management, theft prevention and so on. With this service, you can dramatically improve logistics efficiency and transportation quality by managing these in combination.

Structure of this service and future development
It is a new IoT telematics service that combines SMART PALLET® technology which based on the pallet business that in-vehicle equipment of Yazaki group and operation management service (iQsan) and UPR Corporation has cultivated with over 30 years experience. We will start our service in Thailand in March 2017 and then plan to provide services in other countries of the ASEAN region such as Laos, Malaysia etc. Ultimately, we will aim for global expansion including Japan.

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