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  • ROLLOMATIC - High-precision CNC tool grinder / Realized complete unmanned and stable high-quality continuous machining! [YKT Thailand]

ROLLOMATIC - High-precision CNC tool grinder / Realized complete unmanned and stable high-quality continuous machining! [YKT Thailand]

Toshikazu Watanabe

"ROLLOMATIC", a precision CNC machine manufacturer, has continued their journey into face cutting tool manufacturing with the "Swiss manufacturing spirit" and has grown to become the world's top manufacturer in the tool grinding field.

It has been about 40 years since the YKT Group first encountered the technology of ROLLOMATIC. We deliver ROLLOMATIC products to customers in ASEAN countries such as Thailand and Indonesia. And for the safety and security of our customers, we provide the same service and support as the technology we have cultivated for a long time in Japan. In this article, we introduce the company's CNC 6-axis tool grinder.

Overwhelming stability and freedom of processing precision! ROLLOMATIC 's high precision CNC tool grinder

■CNC 6-axis tool grinder GrindSmart® 630 series

ROLLOMATIC 's GrindSmart® 630 series is the world's best tool grinder that can produce high quality tools with stable quality. From high-performance standard cutting tools to special tools, it enables low-volume production and long-term completely unmanned machining

【Product specifications】
・6-axis control improves precision stability and flexibility
・Responds to the latest trends. Equipped with various tool machining software as standard
・Automatic grindstone management and in-process correction to support continuous unmanned operation
・Grinding spindle with rotation speed maintenance function
・Compact design for space-savings
・Supports grinding diameters of φ0.1 to 20.0 mm

【Product lineup】
GrindSmart® 630XS/630XW/630XW3

Regarding ROLLOMATIC's 6-axis control system

With the widespread use of 5-axis control tool grinders, 6-axis control is one of the features of ROLLOMATIC. The degree of freedom of tools that can be manufactured is greatly improved by 6-axis control. In addition, by reducing the number of axes that operate simultaneously, errors are suppressed and high precision and stable continuous machining are realized. Since the turning axis of the grindstone head does not require special grindstone angle molding, it can also handle grinding of a wide variety of tools.

6 degrees of freedom on the X axis

Automatic production of high precision tools! Functions that support fully unmanned operation

Due to its abundant functions, fully automatic continuous machining of high-quality tools is performed allowing an error on the order of microns. From grindstone molding to correction after mass production machining, it is possible to rely on the built-in robot for continuous production.

【Unmanned operation support function】
・Correction function that detects the amount of wear on the grindstone and reflects it in machining
・Molding grindstone in the machine
・Stick dress to improve clogging
・In-process measurement after machining performed from Φ0.5mm

Equipped with software corresponding to various tools as standard

A software package that can be utilized for various purposes is installed as standard and supports free updates.

・Cutting tools ・Drills ・End mills ・Inserts ・Reamers ・Boring bars etc. ・Medical/dental tools ・CBN etc.

Realizes maximum productivity in a limited space

While incorporating a robot loader and grindstone changer, it has realized the smallest space in its class. The design has been devised so that there is no need to leave a space around the body. Depending on the installation layout, 3 to 4 units can be installed in the space normally used for 2 to 3 units. Please contact us for more information.

If you are looking for ROLLOMATIC products as well as high quality CNC tool grinders in Thailand and Indonesia, please contact us using the form below.

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