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  • The best in mass production of blank punch pins! High-precision CNC cylindrical grinder with excellent flexibility and power [ROLLOMATIC /YKT]

The best in mass production of blank punch pins! High-precision CNC cylindrical grinder with excellent flexibility and power [ROLLOMATIC /YKT]

Toshikazu Watanabe

"ROLLOMATIC", a precision CNC machine manufacturer, has continued to face cutting tool manufacturing with a "Swiss manufacturing spirit" and has grown to become the world's top manufacturer in the field of tool grinders.

It has been about 40 years since the YKT Group encountered the technology of the ROLLOMATIC. We deliver ROLLOMATIC products to customers in ASEAN countries such as Thailand and Indonesia. For the safety and security of our customers, we provide the same service and support for the technology that we have cultivated over a long period of time in Japan. In this article, we introduce the company's 5-axis precision cylindrical grinder NP50.

Pursuing the accuracy of concentricity! Mass production type high-precision CNC cylindrical grinder with greater flexibility and power

■CNC cylindrical grinder ShapeSmart® NP50

ROLLOMATIC's ShapeSmart® NP50 is a high-performance CNC cylindrical grinder suitable for blanking cutting tools, mold applications requiring complex geometry, items with a high length-to-diameter ratio, and punch pins. The flexible robot loader and optional in-process gauge maintain high quality even in small-lot production and unmanned production. This machine produces precision tools that require a high level of roundness and straightness.

【Product Features】
・It is ideal for the precision machining of long workpieces due to a unique patented grinding method.
・Compatible with a grinding diameter Ø 0.025 – 25 mm
・Equipped with an integrated 3-axis robot loader
・Supports high precision tool blanks, core pins for molds, precision punches, flat surfaces and polygon machining with simultaneous 4-axis control (patent pending)
-Equipped with a direct drive type work head that enables more precise and accurate index control
・The angle of the grindstone can be changed quickly

Roughing grindstone angle adjustment function

Ideal for precision machining of long workpieces! Adopted original grinding method

It is machined by the patented original grinding method that uses the roughing and finishing grindstone stands in the vicinity of the work guide, and the workpiece is pushed out. Since it specializes in workpieces with a high length-to-diameter ratio, it is ideal for the precision machining of long workpieces.

Maintains the stability of diameter dimension and has excellent runout accuracy even for long-hour machining

Being equipped with a loader that can have up to 1360 tools attached as standard reduces the effect of thermal displacement. In addition, it is equipped with a linear scale that achieves excellent diameter accuracy, a sizing device that stabilizes the diameter dimension, and a positioning sensor that improves the accuracy in the longitudinal direction after loading the workpiece. Furthermore, it suppresses runout error even with a multi-step workpiece.

Left: Sizing device, Right: Tip positioning probe

No need to change the grindstone. Flexible support for various workpieces

Supports various workpiece shapes by CNC control of the grindstone shaft. Does not require a specific grindstone. Applications include a wide range such as blanks, polygonal machining with simultaneous 4-axis machining (patent pending), and tapers. If the blank diameter is the same, up to 10 different workpieces can be produced by unmanned operation.

Short-time machining by a 2 pattern grinding method

Two efficient grinding methods can be performed.

1. Grinding with a roughing and finishing grindstone in a single pass process
2. Grinding only with a roughing grindstone

In the case of machining on a large removal part, it is possible to repeat the grinding with only a roughing grindstone which has a high grinding ability. By using different grinding methods depending on the workpiece, the time required for the machining can be greatly reduced.

Excellent operability and free software updates

• Adopted an interactive program to improve workability at sites.
• Easy to see and easy to operate.
• Supports free software updates.

In our showroom, we can perform actual equipment demonstrations and product tests. If you are looking for ROLLOMATIC products as well as high quality CNC cylindrical grinders in Thailand and Indonesia, please contact us using the form below.

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