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  • New common knowledge of laser processing! Diamond tool machining speed 4.5 times faster than conventional, drill manufacturing is also possible [Rollomatic / YKT Thailand]

New common knowledge of laser processing! Diamond tool machining speed 4.5 times faster than conventional, drill manufacturing is also possible [Rollomatic / YKT Thailand]

Toshikazu Watanabe

In recent years, as the precision of machining has advanced, the processing materials have become diversified and highly hardened, making it even more difficult for processing. Even with difficult-to-cut materials, as high-precision machining is required, demand for diamond tools continues to increase.

"ROLLOMATIC", a leading manufacturer of precision CNC tool grinders originating in Switzerland, is also focusing on the development of laser processing machines, and technological innovation is progressing at a remarkable speed. In this article, we will introduce the latest diamond tool laser processing machine.

Machining speed is 4 times faster than an electric discharge machine (EDM)! The laser processing machine has come this far

■CNC 5-axis diamond tool laser processing machine LaserSmart 510 LaserSmart 510

LaserSmart 510 is a laser processing machine specialized for precision machining of ultra-hard materials such as PCD (polycrystalline sintered diamond), CVD (vapor-phase synthetic diamond), MCD (single crystal diamond), and CBN (cubic boron nitride). The layout of software and optical components has been improved from the previous model, and มีthe machining speed has increased 4.5 times compared to the conventional model. Compared to EDM (wire cut / electric discharge machining), it boasts about 4 times the processing speed.

【Features of Laser Smart 510】
■ Overwhelming machining speed (about 4 times faster than electric discharge machining)
■ One-chuck full processing that contributes to stable accuracy
■ Drill manufacturing is also possible by 3D processing
■ Built-in optimized laser parameters

▲ Not only the precision, but also the finish of the cutting edge is beautiful. It has become possible to manufacture solid drills.

Pursuing machining speed! No need to manage blank removal allowance (processing margin)

Many laser processing machines are premised on performing coarse processing from the edge of the chip, and preprocessing such as reducing the processing allowance of the diamond chip was necessary to shorten the machining time.

LaserSmart 510 pursues shortening of machining time and adopts a unique coarse processing laser path. Efficient separation is possible at any position, and even chips with large allowances can be processed in a short time without strict blank allowance management.

One-chuck full processing that supports high precision
Machining with any R is also possible, and sharp edge machining, chip breaker and drill land machining, etc. can be performed in one chuck full processing.

Drill manufacturing is also possible with 3D processing!
The LaserSmart 510 also enables the production of solid drills, which have been previously regarded as impossible with lasers. Supports 3D processing with a maximum diameter of 3 mm.

Pre-installed with optimal parameters
To master a general laser processing machine, one needs to be familiar with the characteristics of lasers. LaserSmart 510 is preset with basic parameters according to the material. When the required information is entered, the optimum machining program will be created automatically.

The field of diamond processing with remarkable technological innovation

Diamond tools are alternatives to cemented carbide drills, supporting manufacturing business and leading innovation by cutting materials that were previously not possible and enabling polishing more than ever before. Also, since the diamond tool itself is hard and has a long service life, it can be said to be an "environmentally friendly tool".

For that reason, manufacturers are energetically working on technological innovation, and have achieved particularly rapid growth over the last five to six years. The image that "laser processing machines are expensive anyway" is deep-rooted, but the unit price of laser light sources is gradually declining. Also, since the processing time is overwhelmingly short, it can be said that we have entered an era when many customers are considering concrete introduction.

If you are interested in laser processing machines in Thailand, please take this opportunity to see the actual processed samples and experience the world of state-of-the-art laser processing.

If you are considering a cutting tool grinder / diamond tool laser processing machine in Southeast Asia including Thailand and Indonesia, please contact us using the form below.

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