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  • Our Thai technical team, who knows everything about ROLLOMATIC (CNC tool grinding machine), will strongly supports our customers! 【YKT × NanoGrind】

Our Thai technical team, who knows everything about ROLLOMATIC (CNC tool grinding machine), will strongly supports our customers! 【YKT × NanoGrind】

SAMURAI ASIA Editorial Department

We offer advanced machineries and equipment from Europe and the United States to Thai customers, such as the Swiss precision CNC tool grinder "ROLLOMATIC".

In recent years, we have been collaborating with a Thai local distributor "NanoGrind Technologies". We are pursuing providing high-quality services beyond the boundaries between Japan and Thailand.

YKT × NanoGrind Technologies

Providing technical support and response capabilities equivalent to those of manufacturers also in Thailand

The introduction of expensive machine tools such as ROLLOMATIC is a crucial decision for customers. We and NanoGrind share a showroom and hone the technical capabilities of our engineers every day so that customers can use our products with peace of mind.

A veteran who has been in this field for more than 30 years "God of electrical system" to hand down technology information throughout the Asian region

Technical Advisor / Masato Shimoyama

YKT's Technical Advisor Shimoyama is an electrical system specialist who has honed repair and maintenance skills at headquarters for more than 30 years and has served as executive. Currently, he is handing down his skills and knowledge not only to Thailand but also to engineers in charge of Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.

In order to quickly solve problems with machinery and equipment, it is necessary not only to have on-site response skills, but also to have knowledge that can infer the cause of the problem simply by looking at electrical drawings as well as doing hearings by phone and e-mail.

In our showroom (Pathum Thani Province), Shimoyama handcrafts guidance materials for engineers and teaches them. He also provides technical guidance that sets the situation of complex electrical troubles in a simulated manner. Through these daily trainings, our customer support capabilities are cultivated.

▲ Handmade teaching materials for learning electrical technology (still in the middle of production, according to Shimoyama)

▲Technical Support Team for ROLLOMATIC

Introduction of the latest ROLLOMATIC model

CNC Cylindrical Grinder / ShapeSmart® NP30 Specializing in precision tool blank manufacturing

In the Pathum Thani showroom, you can also see the latest model of the CNC cylindrical grinder, ShapeSmart® NP30. It is a model with extremely good cost-performance while maintaining the accuracy of achieving the high circularity and straightness of the NP series.

■ Applications :
Cylindrical machining of cutting tools (precision tools), precision mold pins and others, as well as blanking

■Features ShapeSmart® NP30
✔︎ Direct spindle drive
・ Compact design providing flexibility for equipment layout
・ Low vibration & quiet operation sound
・ The power of the motor has been greatly increased to a maximum of 14kw.

✔︎Easy to change the angle of the rough grindstone
・ The angle of the grindstone (10 ° to 90 °) can be adjusted manually.

YKT Showroom / Pathum Thani, Thailand

We provide various supports in Japanese / Thai / English.

■ Demonstration of actual machine
■ Test machining (sample machining)
■ Operation guidance to customers
■ Consultation regarding repair and maintenance

And so on.
If you have any problems with the tool grinder, please feel free to contact us.

If you are looking for ROLLOMATIC products and high quality CNC cylindrical grinders in Southeast Asia such as Thailand and Indonesia, please contact us using the form below.

Inquiry Form

Please feel free to contact us from the form as below.

We accept by phone and email.

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