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  • [Diamond Grinding Wheel / CBN Grinding Wheel] Simple manual operation! High precision grinding wheel forming machine / YKT (THAILAND)

[Diamond Grinding Wheel / CBN Grinding Wheel] Simple manual operation! High precision grinding wheel forming machine / YKT (THAILAND)


Grinding wheel forming and dressing operations are essential to maintain precise cutting.

There is a full-fledged grinding wheel forming machine that can dress diamond grind wheels and CBN grind wheels with high precision even manually.

Introducing a fully swiveling dressing machine that is compact yet compatible with a wide range of applications and has outstanding operability, safety, and rigidity.

W-DRESS / Grinding wheel dressing machine

Strausak'sW-DRESS is a fully swiveling manual grinding wheel dressing machine. Ergonomically designed with a focus on operability and safety, it contributes to efficient dressing operation.

Strausak: A long-established Swiss manufacturer of tool grinding machines combined with the world-renowned Swiss ROLLOMATIC technology.

Features of the grinding wheel forming machine "W-DRESS"

Simple (manual) yet compatible with a wide range
Not only the diamond grinding wheel and CPN grinding wheel, but also the GC grinding wheel side can be swiveled, so the back can be dressed.

Spindle can be adjusted
The speed of each spindle can be adjusted for each grinding wheel specification, enabling optimum dressing in a wide range of processing areas.
Grinding wheel: 150-1050 rpm
GC grinding wheel: 750-3500 rpm

High operability based on ergonomics
Design based on the design know-how of Swiss company ROLLOMATIC. The switches are located in a position where they can be operated in a comfortable posture for efficient work.

Equipped with a safety device
It operates only while the foot switch is being stepped on. When the foot switch is released, the safety device automatically stops the rotation.

Equipped with a mist tank for cooling
Coolant liquid can be sprayed by operating the foot switch.

Accurate grinding wheel shape is essential for precise grinding

Even if you have a high-precision CNC grinding machine, if the grinding wheel is worn and deformed, precise machining cannot be performed.

Some people think that dressing shortens the life of the grinding wheel, but in fact it renews the grinding wheel surface and extends the life of the wheel. Furthermore, dressing reduces friction (grinding force) between the grinding wheel and the tool,reducing cycle time.

If you don't need an NC machine, we recommend a simple, high-performance manual grinding wheel forming machine. In addition to the Strausac "W-DRESS", we will propose optimal products according to customer's request.

Please consult us for cutting tool manufacturing and grinding machine maintenance in Thailand. For more information, please contact us using the form below.

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