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Suzuki Precion : IB spindles (Made in Japan)

Increase the speed 4 times by only mounting a new spindle! 4 times speed conversion spindles for CNC automatic lathes

Suzuki Precion company supports Japan's manufacturing, making use of ultra precision machining technology cultivated in automobile parts. IB spindles can increase the number of rotation 4 times by only replacing the current rotating tool unit for CNC automatic lathes! It is suitable for fine hole drilling machining and small diameter endmill machining. Please ask YKT if you are looking for this product in Thailand. ※This is a product that received the METI minister awards of "8th Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Award".

■Handling manufactures:CITIZEN, Star Micronics, Tsugami, M20-M30 turret, SB-SR series

【Product features】
1.4 times speed turning tools which can be easily installed without controllers or a connection cord
2.Adapted to parts machining of various fields, such as fine hole drilling machining and small dimension endmill machining
3.Enable high torque machining by gear transmission without wasting mechanical power
4. Less than 3µ of deflection precision of turning tools 、a tip that rotates 24,000min-¹

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