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Measurement and inspection equipment

Assembling (or assembly process) quality control support system AZVision

Support visual inspection with proprietary software! Simple image inspection unit with easy usability.

In the current mechanized and automated production sites, there are processes which can only be done by human hands, and it is a big issue to eliminate human error. AZVision supports the inspection work with a high-performance camera and the proprietary software "Mesh Machine" (acquired patent) installed in the tablet. It will conduct image inspection, count the completed number, measure the time and save the history for each worker. It is the "AI Monozukuri Support Kit" reflecting the experience and opinions at worksites.

■Functions of AZVision
・Missing parts, reverse attachment, wiring mistakes, label mistakes, and etc. can be detected withan easy setting.
・Only press the button!Notify anyone of inspection results with sound and images instantly.
・Measure and display the completed number and working hours automatically and promote the visualization of progress management (Measure working hours)
・Accumulate and save the inspection results and images in the storage via Wi-Fi (Option is required)
・Read barcode serial numbers in the image. Perfect traceability!
・Correct the displacement of products automatically with a powerful positioning function.
・Multi-face inspection can be conducted with an additional camera (Maximum of 4 cameras can be installed)
・Sequential inspection of multiple works, such as surface→"back side" can be conducted. (up to 16 works)
・Improve efficiency by synchronizing and displaying pointed instruction images of the next work.
・After its introduction, the function will evolve by upgrading the software version. (Requires to apply for software subscription)

■Example of use
・Check the connector insertion of flexible cable
・Check presence or absence of insertion parts in front of solder bath + polarity
・Check if we forgot to tighten the screws
・Check the initial setting of the DIP switch
・Check the reverse wiring of color cables
・Check the position to attach the buttons
・Check the included items before packing

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