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Tool manufacturing facilities

KIRNER:Manual dressing machine with CCD Camera - K

Cutting tool manufacturing equipment capable of manually operating the micro profile molding of the grindstone.

Since its inception in 1919, KIRNER, the leader in the industry as a grindstone molding machine maker, has installed a CCD camera system in a high rigidity molding device (equipment for cutting tool manufacturing). Vivid images can be confirmed on the monitor, and high precision minute shape and complex R which were difficult with projectors are possible.
1. Molding with clear image by adopting CCD camera monitoring system.
2. Stable dress by directly attaching the spindle to the grinding stone molding.
3. Easy installation and replacement of the spindle of BT, HSK, and each tool grinder.
4. Monitor magnification 9-110 times corresponding to minimum molding R 0.04 mm.
5. Automatic oscillation function is installed, and is easily operated.
6. Corresponding to import of DXF data and drawing data.

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