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ROLLOMATIC:CNC Tool Grinding Machine GrindSmart 630 series

ROLLOMATIC's best-selling cutting tool manufacturing machine with precision stability.

This CNC 6-axes tool grinder is ideal for the production and regrinding of cutting tools within φ0.1 ~ 16 mm. It is installing the unmanned driving autoloader supporting up to 1,350 pcs, and using the innovative V block・steady rest that is indispensable for high precision. We are currently being evaluated as the most reliable grinding machine (equipment for tool manufacturing) in the world market.
1. Shank tool φ 0.1 to 16 mm, insert φ 3.9 to 32 mm, corresponding for medical and dental tools, polycrystalline CBN for a wide range of applications.
2. Highly accurate and stable continuous automatic production.
3. Program and 3D simulation software, VirtualGrind Pro, which also corresponds special tools.
4. By the adoption of the grindstone pivot shaft, 4 grindstones and up to 2 sets maximum of grindstone adapters are mounted. It also brings high productivity to complex shape tools.

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