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  • ROLLOMATIC:CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine ShapeSmart NP50

Tool manufacturing facilities

ROLLOMATIC:CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine ShapeSmart NP50

Pronominal equipment for tool manufacturing of multistage and long length work high precision machining.

It is a grinding which is using the rough grindstone and the finishing grindstone near the fixed position of the workpiece, the workpiece is machined while maintaining high concentricity according to the shank standard. When the removal allowance (scraping allowance) is large, the rough grindstone multipath function realizes shortening of machining time. With its built-in loader and in-process measurement, this tool manufacturing equipment is capable of unmanned operation of high precision work.
1. Grinding diameter φ 0.025 ~ 25 mm, longest 330 mm.
2. Corresponding to High precision tool blank, Core pin for mold, Precision punch, Flat surface, and Polygon machining of 4-axes simultaneous control (patent pending).
3. Excellent multistage concentricity by shank standard processing.
4. One-pass construction method of rough finish grinding of ROLLOMATIC patent enables machining of long workpiece.

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