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PLATIT:PVD Coating System With Rotating Cathodes - π

Coating life is improved by optimum coating tune-up!

PLATIT company is a manufacturer specializing in PVD coating furnace without having a specialized entrustment coating business. In addition to coating, we propose the know-how of washing, surface treatment, removal of coating, and quality control by turnkey. By adopting patented rotary cylindrical cathode, composition ratio control by a program can be performed by using pure metal material.
1. PLATIT company’s open source know-how offer contributes to the in-house production of coatings.
2. Optimization of coating by rotating cylindrical cathode using pure metal material independent of alloy material. Three and four-layer coatings according to the application improve coating life.
3. High degree of freedom also corresponding to arc and sputter nitride coating, DLC, oxide system coating.

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