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  • QUASCOPE:Zoom Stereo Microscope - QuaScopeⅢ

Measurement and inspection equipment

QUASCOPE:Zoom Stereo Microscope - QuaScopeⅢ

Inspection equipment which exerts its power in surface inspection of precision products and stereoscopic image observation.

Inspection equipment installed with right and left independent optical system (Stereo Optics) using the "parallax" of the human eye. More stereoscopic observation becomes possible, and fatigue from long-term use is also reduced. With the standard specification, the magnification band of 6.5x ~ 45 x can be freely changed in a stepless manner, and even if you change the magnification, you can continue working while maintaining focus.
1. "Stereo optical system" and "Stepless zoom" ensure high workability
2. Both cost performance and a clear image are achievable
3. Various options such as CCD camera and XY stage are available

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