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  • [Thailand/Machine Tools] Because of the current recession from the Coronavirus, now is a chance for capital investment! Recommending Enshu machine tools/overhaul.

[Thailand/Machine Tools] Because of the current recession from the Coronavirus, now is a chance for capital investment! Recommending Enshu machine tools/overhaul.

Hiroyuki Harada
Senior Technical Manager

In Thailand, it seems that the new Coronavirus has subsided, but the fact is that production volume has gone down and pauses at the factory are continuing. The situation is far from normal operations. The impact of Corona on the economy for both Europe and the United States is enormous, and exports from Thailand, a global production base, to overseas are under harsh circumstance. However, there are things we can do proactively because of this situation.That is the overhaul of the machines.

▲Overhaul work at the Enshu’s factory

"Don't stop the machines!": this is the cardinal rule under normal circumstances, but now you can stop them! "Preventive Maintenance" by the ENSHU Machining Center

We produce machining centers (machine tools) locally in Thailand and sell them in Thailand as well as in the ASEAN region, India, and Japan. Thanks to all, many customers here in Thailand have also installed our vertical machining center We are focusing on after-sales service, with the motto "Don't stop customers' machines!”

But now that you can't expect operations at 100% capacity, why not consider it a great opportunity to stop the machines and give them an overhaul? If a machine suddenly breaks down while the production line is running, the damage is immense. We recommend that you regularly overhaul (an 8-10 years cycle is sufficient) as preventive maintenance of your machines before they break down unexpectedly.

▲Inside the machining center which is very dirty with oil stains and metal powder.

【Flow of Overhaul】

① Our engineer will visit your factory and check the condition of equipment
The standard cycle of overhaul for an ENSHU machine is 8 to 10 years. Team Enshu staff will check “the appearance", "operation", and "accuracy" of your machines. Especially, the accuracy confirmation of the machining center is an important factor.

② Providing an estimated cost
We will give you a rough estimate based on the condition of the machining center.

③ Transport to Enshu's Thai factory for overhaul
Although it is possible to do overhaul work in a customer’s factory, we basically recommend to transport the machine to the Enshu’s Thai factory. Since we produce machining centers in Thailand, we have equipment such as large cranes that lift the housing and a good inventory of parts. It takes time and effort to carry in and out the machine, but in total, it will be faster to overhaul it at the Enshu factory. If any further problems are found while disassembling the machine, we will repair it in consultation with you.

④ Overhaul completed → Delivery
Overhaul is performed by our manufacturing staff who are familiar with machining centers. The working period varies depending on the condition of the machine, but as a strength of Enshu, we have the necessary equipment in addition to parts for overhaul as we produce machining centers at our Thai factory. As a result, it is possible to shorten the working period to the minimum. For overhaul, our manufacturing and sales department are working closely together.

▲Every corner of the machine is inspected and carefully cleaned (left) by the skilled staff of Enshu (right)

As mentioned earlier, now that the production line is not running at full capacity, this is a great chance to overhaul machines. We support you in an overhaul to prepare for the post-Corona economic recovery.

If you are considering an overhaul of various machines in Thailand, please contact us using the form below.

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Please feel free to contact us from the form as below.

We accept by phone and email.

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