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  • KITAGAWA chuck ‘BR Series’ implementation example in Thailand: TAKAMATSU MACHINERY’S CNC precision lathe ‘XC-100Σ (Sigma) iC60’

KITAGAWA chuck ‘BR Series’ implementation example in Thailand: TAKAMATSU MACHINERY’S CNC precision lathe ‘XC-100Σ (Sigma) iC60’

SAMURAI ASIA Editorial Department

TAKAMATSU MACHINERY CO., LTD.'s Thai subsidiary, TAKAMATSU MACHINERY (THAILAND) CO., LTD. (hereinafter TAKAMATSU) is aiming to expand usage of semi-automated CNC lathes in the Thai manufacturing industry as a step toward full automation.

Taking the investment burden (price) of Thai manufacturers into consideration, the "XC-100" is one of the first steps toward full automation. TAKAMATSU develops various chucks by itself, but why did it choose the chuck from KITAGAWA CORPORATION?

The reason why TAKAMATSU chose the KITAGAWA chuck "BR Series"

“When we received a drawing from a customer and judged that our collet chuck could not be used, the best choice was KITAGAWA's chuck,” says TAKAMATSU's MD Yamashita.

Mr. Yamashita's experience and high skill of being able to give accurate advice to customers by looking at the drawings made him choose a BR chuck.

In KITAGAWA (THAILAND), a Japanese designer is stationed in the office in Bangkok. Therefore, it is possible to make an accurate proposal to customers by looking at the drawings. Also a quotation can be submitted quickly. Prompt response is one of the great advantages of KITAGAWA (THAILAND). In addition to a wide variety of standard chucks, it also has the advantage of being able to supply specially designed chucks that are finished according to customer requirements.

"No matter how good the accuracy of the machine tool is, it is meaningless without the performance of the chuck accompanying it. The chuck is the heart of machining (Yamashita)."

■Three Advantages of the BR Chuck

① the grasping accuracy is finer than 0.01 immediately after the jaw molding
② compared to the conventional standard chuck, the rise of the jaw is reduced
③ special Tnut-Plus (optional) dedicated to the BR chuck, allows reproducibility of grasp accuracy that can be ensured even if the jaw is attached/detached.

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"We have Japanese designers. If you have any problems with chucks in Thailand, please feel free to contact us," said KITAGAWA (THAILAND)’s GM Asayama, showing confidence in their ability to respond.

▲ Power chuck BR Series

Takamatsu's compact precision lathe "XC-100ΣiC60"

Semi-automated NC lathe that responds to the wave of automation spreading in Thailand due to soaring labor costs.
・ 1 spindle 1 turret structure
・ The world's smallest lathe in the class with a machine width of only 1,150 mm
・ Semi-automated function by adopting a removable compact loader
・ Chuck size 6 inches
・ Tools and chucks can be diverted for other uses

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High-performance machine tools and chucks are indispensable in Thailand, where the manufacturing industry is becoming more sophisticated and automated. 100% of the machine tool performance’s full potential is only able to be brought out with the optimum chuck.

▲ Yasushi Asayama GM / KITAGAWA (THAILAND) Co., Ltd. (left)
Eiji Yamashita MD / TAKAMATSU MACHINERY (THAILAND) Co., Ltd. (Right)

If you are interested in KITAGAWA (THAILAND)’s chucks and various machine tools (NC round table, robot hand, etc.), please contact us using the form below.

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