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[NACHI TECHNOLOGY (THAILAND)] Future development and new products (articulated robots) / METALEX2020 exhibition overview

Yuichi Fujimoto
Sales Manager, Robot Division

My name is Fujimoto, and I have just been appointed as the Sales Manager of the Robot Division of NACHI TECHNOLOGY (THAILAND). We are an integrated machine manufacturer that handles cutting tools, machine tools, bearings, hydraulic equipment, etc. that Nachi-Fujikoshi (Japan Headquarters) has cultivated since its establishment. The department I belong to is proposing industrial robots to manufacturing companies in Thailand.

Future development and new products of the NACHI robot business in Thailand

Due to the impact of the new coronavirus, demand for capital investment in Thailand is declining. In Thailand, I would like to propose solutions for assembly lines for items such as home appliances, hard disks, smartphones and tablets, which are relatively less affected by the corona. We will also focus on EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Service). We believe that the 3P industries (food, daily necessities, pharmaceuticals) in Thailand, especially food-related industries such as rice / wheat / sugar / restaurant-related, and beverage-related, are also in high demand for labor savings and cost reduction through production automation.

Our industrial robot series:
■ Vertical articulated robot "MZ series"
■ Vertical articulated robot / collaborative robot "CZ series"
■ SCARA robot "EC / EZ series"
We have a variety of robots that meet the needs of our customers.
The latest robot is the highly versatile medium-sized hollow robot "MZ25".

【Medium-sized hollow robot MZ25 (vertical articulated type)】

Medium-sized hollow robot MZ25 (vertical articulated type)

Maximum load capacity: 25Kg
Class-leading reach and stroke

【Features of MZ25】
■ Wide work area and powerful wrists support various applications
■ Hollow wrist structure with built-in cable
■ Reduce operation restrictions with peripheral equipment due to cable interference
■ IP67 equivalent (dust-proof and drip-proof) / coolant-resistant coating / rust-proof bolts and parts are used as standard, adapting to various work environments

【Application example】
Medium-sized hollow robot MZ25 (vertical articulated type)
In addition, the model that is particularly in high demand in Thailand is the world's fastest handling robot "MZ07".

【Hollow Robot MZ07】

Hollow Robot MZ07

Features of MZ series
■ World's fastest (maximum synthesis speed)
■ Hand wiring and piping are stored in the hollow wrist
■ Can be installed at any angle, such as floor-standing, ceiling-mounted, wall-mounted, or tilted
■ Compact installation space
■ The bottom pull-out cable
■ Solenoid valve can be built in the arm
■ Abundant applications and options (see catalog for details Click )

Demonstration of AGV x collaborative robot planned at METALEX 2020

We will be exhibiting at METALEX again this year. In addition to exhibiting the actual NACHI robot, we plan to put a collaborative robot on an AGV (Automated guided vehicle) for a demonstration. By realizing the AVG x collaborative robot solution, we believe that we can meet the needs of sorting operations for logistics, e-commerce, etc.

In Japan, centralized management of robots is progressing using IoT technology. Here in Thailand as well, we will roll out various products in anticipation of market needs.

Yuichi Fujimoto / Sales Manager, Robot Division
Joined Nachi-Fujikoshi Corp. in 2008. After working in the Robot Division sales position in Osaka, he moved to Thailand in 2019.

If you are looking for industrial robots, collaborative robots, cutting tools, etc. in Thailand, please contact us using the inquiry form.

Inquiry Form

Please feel free to contact us from the form as below.

We accept by phone and email.

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