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Manufacturing management / warning system

Nano Seimitsu has been working on for many years to realize "0 (zero) PPM" that does not allow production of defective products of even one-in-a-million in the manufacturing process. A revolutionary manufacturing management system that aims to achieve 0 (zero) PPM without 100% inspection has finally arrived!

    Newly developed system to prevent NG (No good) products from being produced during the manufacturing process! Eliminate in-process defects

Sales & service of Screening machines

VIZION sorting machine (with 34 units delivered to a certain bolt and nut large enterprise) which prevents troubles such as variances in size, deformation, contamination, etc. by carrying out the total number selection of products at speeds about 300 to 800 pieces per minute, In addition, DECSYS exterior automated inspection machine has the same level of detection power as human workers. It is detectable at minimum of 0.2 mm square. In addition, selection of service is also provided.

You can view various sorting machines in our YouTube videos!

▶Click here for nano precision channels!

▶ViZion VZ Channel is here!

▶Click here for the DECSYS channel!

Sales of JIS fasteners

Most of our stamped products are procured monthly at a rate of 4-5 million items from CO-WEALTH in Taiwan and are directly exported from Taiwan to Thailand, India, Indonesia, Vietnam and Mexico. By consolidating all Taiwan procurement parts into AGS (NANO Taiwan) Co., Ltd., we conduct quality inspection, packing and shipping, thereby achieving both quality assurance and cost reduction.
  • JIS Fastener

    The product catalog is available.You can download it from the bottom of ''JIS Fastener'' page.

Sales of materials

It is also an important business to provide material to contractors of FORTUNE CROSS. We have a reputation for price management by purchasing materials collectively. Please let us know your required quality and the delivery date.

Manufacture and sales of precision metal parts and shafts

Manufacture precision metal parts centering on the axis of electric motor and electric motor.The material can be widely applicable such as SUS420J2 / F, S45C, SUJ-2, SCM415 etc. OD size is about 0.6mm ~ 30mm, length is 2.5mm ~ 1000 mm If you need high precision with these outer diameters, surface roughness, and roundness which requires centerless grinding processing, please consult us.
  • Motor shaft

    Centerless polishing process ensures the required accuracy!

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