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Multihead scale

The Multihead scale is used for the purpose of filling a certain amount of products in the weighing process of various manufacturing plants including food factories. Generally, it equips a plurality of scales internally, and, by combining the weight in each scale, it is a mechanism to take out products with a target weight quickly and accurately. Select from fully automatic types and semi-automatic types.

Auto Checker (automatic weight sorter) Checkweigher

The Checkweigher (automatic weight sorter) can be indispensable for checking the mass of the product and checking for mis-packing. High-speed and accurate weighing contributes to an increase in the speed and efficiency of production lines in the factory. It is also possible to acquire and analyze the weighing and measurement data from the Checkweigher into a personal computer.

Digital Platform Scale

A type of weighing instrument and weight measuring instrument that determines the weight from the sinking amount of the weighing platform. Measurement methods using load cells are mainstream, and features such as the size of the weighing platform can be freely selected. Product lineup is from the small precision application type weighing chemicals, up to a large type to manage the load capacity of the truck.
  • DP-5600 series

    Multi-function Digital scale DP-5600 series for a wide range of applications


Casepacker (automatic packing machine) that can perform the packing work of the product automatically, accurately and fast. This equipment will reduce the number of people in the packing-up work, so the factory can realize the labor saving of the production site, and reduces the risk of contamination by foreign matter and prevents mistakes of packaging amount. We also provide a type that can specify the stuffing pattern, such as stuffing up and flat.

System Weigher (Seasoning System)

YAMATO SCALE Seasoning System (batch-type weighing seasoning system) provides a high-precision weighing (subtraction method) of semi-finished products (raw material) based on the preset ratio, and using the result, it performs a high-precision weighing (subtraction method) of the additive (taste agent). As a result, it is blended and stirred accurately, and the variance of taste disappears and the quality of the product is stabilized.

Packer Scale

An automatic weighing device that bags a powder/granular material into various bags. Two weighing types are available--one is to be bagged after weighing as net, the other is gross weighing type to weigh while bagging it. The combination of a supply machine and a control according to the characteristics of the containing material enables high-speed, high-precision and stable automatic weighing. NET weighing type can be combined also with the automatic wrapping machine.

Metal Detector

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