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  • 【YKT】 Discount sales of reliable popular equipment at InterMold Thailand starting from June 19th.

【YKT】 Discount sales of reliable popular equipment at InterMold Thailand starting from June 19th.

Toshikazu Watanabe
General Manager

YKT, the general trading company of industrial equipment and tools, will hold discount sales of products such as regrinding machine, image measuring equipment, and industrial microscope at InterMold Thailand 2019 held at BITEC (Bang Na) on June 19th-22nd.

YKT provides cutting-edge technology in Thailand.

For over 90 years since its establishment in 1924, YKT has been providing their customers with cutting-edge technologies from all over the world. In 2015, Thai local company was incorporated to serve manufacturers of Japanese, Thai, and western investments, sometimes meeting even a niche request.

Discount sales of Regrinding Machine XPS16+, Projector CC-14, and Microscope QuaScope III

InterMold Thailand 2019 will be held at BITEC in Bang Na during June 19th-22nd. YKT is exhibiting every year, and this year will have discount sales of regular industrial equipment with sufficient specifications. 3 products are subject for discount. Namely, Regrinding Machine XPS16+ series from DAREX, Contour Projector CC-14 from CCP and Zoom Stereo Microscope QuaScope III from Quascope.
These will be offered at reasonable one-price.

Easy for even amateurs to regrind drill – Regrinding Machine XPS16+ series from DAREX

The machine that can grind one drill in about 2 minutes by anyone regardless of experience, and for drill made out of not only high-speed steel but also super steel.
Easy and mistake-free grinding by versatile CNC4 axis that corresponds to R type thinning shape, and automatic control function of feed speed to avoid burn even in case of dry horning.
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Contour Projector CC-14 from CCP

CC-14 is the most compact bench top model in Contour Projector CC series of CCP. Although screen size is 350mm, because of direct irradiation from light source by “Horizontal Projection Telecentric Method”, clear image is obtained as same as larger models. LED is used as light source of ring irradiation. Its life expectancy is longer than conventional halogen bulbs.
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Zoom Stereo Microscope QuaScope III

It is stereo microscope to observe a subject with both eyes. Because of parallax, subject can be grasped stereoscopically.
Stepless Zooming System allows to change magnification freely between 6.5x to 45x. It can grasp both details and long-shots by various magnification without losing focused.
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SMK Filtration Equipment and microscope PG1000 for cutting tools are also exhibited.

In addition to products subject for discount, popular high-spec equipment that YKT recommends are also exhibited.
There will be SMK Filtration Equipment that is essential for environmental load reduction, and microscope PG1000 for Horizontal Turning Image Tool that can inspect cutting tools in high precision.
Both are excellent products that you will be satisfied once you see their performance.

SMK Filtration

It can filter a grinding sludge that cannot be removed by conventional waste oil filtration equipment. Consideration for environment is getting more and more important in Thailand. Innovating this high performance is highly effective.
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Microscope PG1000 for cutting tools

High functional microscope that can inspect and measure cutting tools with 1.3 million pixels and high resolution of full-HD. The function is specialized for measuring cutting tools and perform high precision measurement easily.
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Please visit YKT’s booth!
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