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Environmental equipment・Filter

Filters for the working fluid / hydraulic oil used in various processing machines with its own technology keep those fluids clean at all times reducing cost and quality issues. We have trusted experience gained over more than 30 years, and in 2015 we were awarded the AICHI ENVIRONMENTAL AWARD.

Tool manufacturing facilities

Equipment for cutting and grinding tools manufacturing by manufacturers such as DAREX in the USA, KIRNER in Germany and ROLLOMATIC in Switzerland are available. We will introduce facilities that supports tool manufacturing and processing to people involved in the Thai manufacturing industry.

Measurement and inspection equipment

ROLLOMATIC Inc, EURO TECH company, CCP company, etc., we have measuring equipment and inspection equipment that are chosen from among historical manufacturers in Europe and the United States. Our product lineup includes equipment with high precision and high performance to meet customer's requests.

Peripherals / Others

We introduce the newest and the most highly functional products such as a new type of volatile rust inhibitor. A new grinding stone boasting the world's highest level of quality and performance, and carefully selected VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) are packed by special processed paper which is highly resistant to water and oil, and rich in breathable.
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Mobile: +66(0)61-847-4400

Podsatorn Promdang
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