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Compressor (industrial refrigeration compressor)

The gas compression technology that Mayekawa has cultivated is being used in various gas compressors. Especially in the industrial refrigeration market, Mayekawa's "MYCOM" brand boasts a high market share. In Thailand, we mainly sell screw compressors and reciprocating compressors. Our industrial refrigeration compressors are mainly used with a natural refrigerant, ammonia and achieve both durability and energy saving.
  • Screw compressor

    It can be selected from a variety of lineups depending on the application. We are selling high-performance screw compressors in Thailand

  • Reciprocating compressor

    We are selling various reciprocating compressors with an excellent cost performance in Thailand.

  • Compressor parts

    We are selling high-quality genuine compressor parts in Thailand that have cleared international quality assurance standards.

Refrigeration Package Unit and Engineering

We have been designing and installing refrigeration systems for many years. From early on, we have been focusing on measures to protect the ozone layer from global warming and have been developing products that take safety, efficiency, energy saving, and natural refrigerants into consideration. In Thailand, we utilize these technologies and our experience to supply various freezing and refrigerating facilities. We also design and install according to customer needs.

IQF (individual quick freezing) Freezer

Freezing technology is an essential for food processing. The time required for freezing varies depending on the shape and size of the object to be cooled, such as seafood, agricultural products, meat/livestock products and sweets, as well as the packaging method. Our IQF freezers support various products to meet diversifying needs. We propose the best freezing solution for our customers in Thailand.
  • Thermo-Jack Freezer

    Maintain the freshness and quality of food with quick freezing and cooling! We are selling freezing and cooling equipment that can be used for a wide range of applications in Thailand

  • Fluidization Freezer (IQF Line Freezer)

    We are selling freezers for individually frozen vegetables, fruits, seafood, and side dishes in Thailand

  • Multi layered freezer

    While it has a spiral structure, you can freely design the direction and height of infeed and outfeed products, which facilitates a process layout in any way that fits easily into existing production line without an extensive modification for installation.

Automatic deboning robotics

Mayekawa has succeeded in automating deboning robot technology. Since the development of “TORIDAS”, a fully automatic deboning robot for chicken whole legs, we have developed a lineup of various automatic deboning and bone separation robots “DAS series” that achieve high precision and high yields. If you are considering introducing automatic deboning and bone separation robots in Thailand, please contact us.

    Working speed is four times faster than manpower! We are selling equipment that automates the deboning process of bone-in leg meat in Thailand.


    The amount of chicken whole leg processed is about 3 times that of


    We are selling fully automated individual measurement, slitting, and breast tender removal and a fully automatic deboning robot for the chicken front half in Thailand.


    Easy adjustment for tulip processing on chicken wing drumettes. We are selling a fully automatic deboning robot for the wing drumettes in Thailand.


    Achieves highly efficient gizzard process. We are selling gizzard opener and gizzard processing equipment in Thailand.

Heat pump

Heat pumps are equipment and technologies that collect heat from thermal source such as the atmosphere and use it as an energy, and are used in hot water supply equipment such as buildings and factories. Since it is possible to efficiently generate thermal energy with a small amount of electrical energy, it is attracting attention as an environment-friendly technology as well as energy saving. We have various heat pumps in Thailand.
  • CO2 heat pump

    Supply sufficient hot water with overwhelming cost performance. We are selling the eco-friendly heat pump “UNIMO” in Thailand.

  • Ammonia heat pump

    Ammonia, which is the most effective in preventing ozone layer depletion and global warming, is used as the refrigerant. We are selling heat pumps that are friendly to the global environment in Thailand.

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