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Okura Yusoki combines the comprehensive group strength and offer complete solutions for logistics challenges in Thailand !

TRUE Okura was established as a joint venture between Okura Flexible Automation Systems (OFAS), a subsidiary in Singapore of Okura Yusoki who is a comprehensive manufacturer of logistics systems in Japan, and Thai Rung United Engineering Co., Ltd. (TRUE), a Thai conveyor manufacturer. We provide a wide variety of products that combine Okura's technology and know-how, including state-of-the-art technologies such as conveyors with a wide line-up, robot palletizer systems and sorting systems. We propose complete solutions for a variety of logistics challenges, like labor saving and automation in factories and distribution centers.
Company Profile
Company Name TRUE Okura Co., Ltd.
Representative Person KAZUAKI NAKAYAMA

29/1 Piya Place Bldg., 7th Fl., Room No. 7F Soi Langsuan, Pleonchit Rd., Lumpini, Patumwan, Bangkok 10330 Thailand

Product / Service

Logistics (conveyor) equipment
・ Gravity conveyor
・ Belcon Mini
・ Jabcon
・ Cool conveyor Ⅱ
・ Motor roller conveyor
・ Fine conveyor II
・ Uni-con Ⅴ
・ Uni-con Jr. and others

Transport system
・ Belt conveyor
・ Accumulation conveyor
・ Perfect-veyor
・ Chain conveyor
・ Okura carryline
・ Tatecon (Vertical conveyor) etc.

Material handling equipment
・ OK Belcon
・ Okura Hopper
・ Portable crane
・ Opliner

Palletizing system
・ Robot palletizer
・ Track loader
・ Palletizer for bags
・ Gantry Palletizer
・ Palletizer for cases
・ Palletizer for bulk etc.

Sorting system
・ Uni-sorter
・ Cross belt sorter
・ Pick-a-toru
・ Carbel sorter
・ Pick Teacher System
・ PTI system, etc.

Establishment Year June, 2015
Capital 10,000,000 THB
Parent Company Okura Yusoki Co., Ltd. (Japan)
Okura Flexible Automation Systems Pte Ltd (Singapore)
Thai Rung Engineering Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
Group company Okura Yusoki Co., Ltd. (Japan)
Okura Flexible Automation Systems Pte Ltd (Singapore)
Thai Rung Engineering Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
  • Perfect-veyor

    Realize reliable and stable continuous vertical transport with Perfect-veyor!

  • Robot palletizer Ai series

    Automate the palletizing process with advanced technology! Okura's Robot Palletizer

  • Case conveyor

    High quality, low cost and quick delivery! Okura's case conveyor realizes various transport lines.

  • Light duty conveyor

    From the production line to individual packaging line, its adoption record is No.1! Okura's light duty conveyor.

  • Pallet lifter

    A pallet lifter realizing stable vertical transport, ideal for transporting between floors!

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Tel: +66(0)2-254-1530

General Manager
Mobile: +66(0)62-632-8485

Sales Manager
Mobile: +66(0)89-223-0540

Project Manager
Mobile: +66(0)82-964-6190