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  • A specialized trading company that provides the world's most advanced machinery

A specialized trading company that provides the world's most advanced machinery

General Manager

Our company was founded in 1924 and has been delivering western machinery and state-of-the-art technology to our customers for over 90 years. In Thailand, we established a local subsidiary in October 2015, Since then, we have focused on the development of the Thai manufacturing industry.
Products handled by us are state-of-the-art production equipment including ROLLOMATIC in Switzerland that leads the market as a tool grinder (equipment for tool manufacturing) that realizes high precision and high-speed machining, and measuring equipment and inspection equipment, grinders, and etcetera that provide reliable measurement results our line-up of products meets the evolving needs of the manufacturing industry.
We also provide filtration equipment which greatly contributes to the reduction of environmental burden, which is a problem of the manufacturing industry, and we provide total solutions unique to YKT.

More clean manufacturing sites in Thailand

The modern age is said to be the "century of the environment" and the trend towards reducing the burden on the global environment continues to rise. It is no exception for the manufacturing industry.
We deal with "SMK FILTRATION" high precision filtration devices that reliably filters used processing oil and working fluid and maintains a reusable state for a long time.


It is a revolutionary filtering device that was awarded the AICHI ENVIRONMENTAL AWARD, and it corresponds widely from fine particle filtration of high precision to coarse particle filtration (minimum 0.5μm to maximum 50μm). It is effective for all kinds of sludge mixed in coolant liquid with filter accuracy optimum for customer's processing situation. In addition, it is unnecessary to remove sludge after filtration, instead just replace the used filter. Not only significantly reducing the environmental burden, but we can also remove impurities from the recovered sludge and recycle it by a recycling maker.

For SMK FILTRATION, which makes it possible to recycle resources, we bring a testing machine and can provide a demonstration. If you are interested please feel free to contact us.

A rich line-up unique to machine specialized trading companies

Since its founding, we have gotten patronage by providing state-of-the-art domestic and foreign manufacturing equipment to customers. Of course, it will not change in Thailand either.

GrindSmart 629XS

What we recommend is the best-selling tool grinder "GrindSmart 629XS" from ROLLOMATIC which is headquartered in Switzerland. With a built-in loader with up to 1,350 tools installed, its compact design reduces the influence of thermal displacement. We achieve end mill diameter tolerance micron order in continuous production, providing maximum productivity in a limited space and enable precision machining by 6-axis control.



In addition, the zoom type stereo microscope "Zoom Stereo Microscope - QuaScope" that demonstrates its true value in surface inspection of multi-field precision products and stereoscopic image observation that is using the "parallax" of the human eye, which incorporates left and right independent optical system (stereo optics). It enables more stereoscopic observation and reduces fatigue caused by long-term use. It has a third optical system that can mount the camera in the center of the optical system, and also supports CCD monitoring as an option. It is a measurement and inspection equipment that we can recommend with confidence.



In addition, it is universal horizontal projector "CC-14" that is recommended for measurement and inspection equipment.
OGP (current QVI company), the largest optical measuring machine manufacturer in the USA, has started anew with the projector department being renamed as CCP.
Unlike the vertical projection method adopted by many Japanese manufacturers, the workpiece is projected from the horizontal direction onto the screen, making it ideal for the measurement field in the lateral direction such as tools and grinding stones. Also, since it is directly projected from the LED lighting, it is very bright, and the whole area can be displayed with uniform brightness by the screen adopting the Fresnel lens.


We have tool grinding machines, as well as an environmentally friendly filtration device, measurement and inspection equipment, and we offer total solutions from technical support to maintenance to our customers.

If you are interested in our products and services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Tel : 02-173-5868
Mobile : 061-847-4400(watanabe)
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